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Ron Paul Most-Demanded GOP Presidential Candidate

Ron Paul Most-Demanded GOP Presidential Candidate in 2007 and listen to the publicity it got early on. They could not figure it out. Shhhh....we know and it is way bigger now.


After just watching the Florida clips outside the debate, I thought...hmmm. Ron Paul is so different...so unique that only he generates this kind of excitement. How can we use that to our benefit.

Use Eventful...and Demand Ron Paul...the People's Choice. We...in our areas could coordinate with primaries and caucuses and huge ad campaigns....but through Eventful countrywide..we show the country just how many of us Demand Ron Paul...and through Eventful are asking him to come to us!

Could be fun! I am in San Diego and noticed there are 580 listed as demanding Ron Paul to come to San Diego. Now there are probably 10 times that amount and if each could just bring 1 fence sitter or uncommitted...we could have crowds of 10,000 enthusiastic RPers.

Ghandi would approve! Peaceful (internet driven) opposition to tyranny!!!

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Very good thought

Go for it!

Alot of people would help, I know I would spend some time in concert with others. See how you can develop a plan to organize such a thing, to inspire others.