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The 10 states Ron Paul most likely to win

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Democrats that voted Obama

Democrats that voted Obama will be voting RON PAUL in IL!!!! Just keep the momentum going!!!


I think he has a good chance to do well in MN, too.


but Texas is a proportional Primary, not winner take all.

Texas is winner take all...

....because it is in April.

MONTANA GOP last time cheated Dr. Paul out of his

rightful full 25 delegates. Romney had dropped out, remember? That left Paul in 2nd place & McCain in 3rd place.

You would think all delegates then would have gone to Dr. Paul. NOPE. Even though Dr. Paul won the Caucus at that point, the GOP maneuvered to take all the delegates away from him at the Missoula State Convention.

They put forward their own delegates to vote for on one side of the room, so that the audience who were Rino Republicans would know who to vote for.

Ron Paul supporters were put on the opposite side of the room, so the Rinos would know who NOT to vote for.

The thing that is distressing is obvious. Dr. Paul won, not McCain. They didn't do the ethical thing.

All I can say is that THEY WILL NEVER HUMILIATE US AGAIN LIKE THAT, because we will refuse to cooperate and play their humiliating game.

Yes they did funny things at the County Level

in MN after ROn Paul won... A lot of those old GOP cronies are out of the GOP and our GOP is in financial trouble at the State Level. Tom Emmer who ran for Governor came out in support for Ron Paul at his last visit! We keep working harder though like we are down!