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The real reason Ron Paul isn't winning right now

The way he answered the first question about a third party run is just a small example of exactly what he is doing wrong. I think if he just made one minor adjustment, he could soon surge and be a frontrunner.

The problem is, he embraces the outsider persona, when he should be trying to shed it off. He needs to posture himself as the only "true conservative" based on his cut taxes and spending platform. He needs to explain how his foreign policy is the most conservative, and defend it from the pragmatic side rather than the "have empathy for Iran" side. He needs to disown the word "libertarian" and replace it with "small government conservative". He needs to liken himself to Goldwater, just like how Newt likens himself to Reagan. He needs to boast about how he IS the Tea Party and how he started the movement.

Of course, he's not likely to do any of this, but if he did, he could become the frontrunner in no time.

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typical armchair QB

with a juvenile DailyPaul uername

The real reason Ron Paul isn't winning is two-fold...

#1 He doesn't believe he is the person to be delivering the message. But he is. He just needs to realize it and grab a pair and lay into these hypocrites.

#2 The media either bashes him or ignores him. Really, it's their fault... but I think RP could overcome it if he'd GET REAL in a couple of these debates. He needs to tear into his opponents... tear into the media... and tear into Obama. He's the man. He needs to convince people of that. It's time to drop the old humble country doctor routine and REALLY tell it like it is.

"I've been telling you all this stuff was coming. You laughed. You ignored. Now it's here and I've been proven right. The media still plays me off, but they're all bought and paid for just like you 3 on stage tonight. I'm the only one on this stage that voted against all that crap they've been shoving down our throats up there in Washington. If you people want more of the same... vote for one of these socialist draft dodgers to my right. If not, then vote for the most conservative man in Congress in the last 50 years... ME. Otherwise, make sure you've got some food, gold and guns... cuz it's gonna get nasty around here. I don't need to participate in this charade any longer. If you don't know my voting record...look it up. I'm out."

And walk off the stage.

The Good Doctor

..Is very wise, he's been in the game a long,long time.
There's more here than meets the eye.....
He will win in NOVEMBER.
Keep the faith, keep up whatever work you've been doing.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

From here on (cuz you know they're going to keep asking),

his answer to the 3rd party question should be: "I believe that I am doing very, very well and I want everyone to know that I am in this race to be the next Republican nominee. I have answered this silly question about 159 times, and I WILL NOT respond to it again. However, I would like to say..." and then he could get in some good points about some other topic of his choice.

There is only one thing that is more ridiculous than the fact that he keeps being asked that question-- and THAT IS THE FACT THAT HE KEEPS ANSWERING THE QUESTION!

3rd party "answer"

someone else here on DP made this suggestion that I thought was awesome (something like this):

If asked yet again re 3rd party, he should simply acknowledge to them that he understands that they keep asking only HIM bc he "has so much support from Independents, Liberals etc" and that he could "actually win the presidency" bc of such "huge support from a wide range of American voters".

Maybe they would stop asking if it could be re-framed as a MAJOR POSITIVE because ONLY RP has so much broad support all over America!

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One thing to consider is that there are always many people who haven't heard Ron Paul asked that question before... in fact there are still a great many people who still haven't heard much about Ron Paul. So if he was to evade answering that question, it may come as a relief to his longtime supporters but for those hearing him for the first time (you know... those that he wants to win over to enable him to win the nomination), and they hear him say, in your words, "I have answered this silly question about 159 times, and I WILL NOT respond to it again,"... they may not receive it the way you do.

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Agree with you. He needs to

Agree with you. He needs to stop answering two questions. the 3rd party question, and who would he endorse.
The 3rd party question should be deflected to wondering if the other candidates are considering it.
The endorsement question should be answered with Ron endorsing himself, or asking if the other candidates planned to endorse him.

To respond with the usual weakens the way the public perceives his position, and gives permission to the media to keep asking it.

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Paul's answer on the 3rd

Paul's answer on the 3rd party question should have been to put it on Williams why he wasn't asking the other candidates the same question, when they are less conservative and less true to Republican principles than Paul.

agreed see my post

on how he needs to answer the third party que

I just read your answer on the other thread and loved it!

I think he should start off with my suggestion, and then after "However", then say what you suggested.

IF he would have done that tonight, I think Florida would become his first first-place victory!

I think its more

the media bias. There are millions of idiots that let the talking heads tell them what to think and they are the ones that always vote!

another thing is the way ron paul speaks. yes it is true he doesn't look or act presidential and that does hurt him. I personally dont give a shit because this man has done so much for freedom in this country but the stupids out there would understand him better if he was a good speaker and chose the right words.

ron paul 2012