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How Ron should answer the "Are you running third party " question

His Answer is always so hum drum. "I dont like absolutes" and it loses people

He should say instead

"You know my people did a study. The media has asked me this question 812 times. I don't hear you ask Romney about a third party run or Gingrich or Santorum. You do it to denigrate me. Admit it. The whole point of this question is to put my electability into question and I resent that! That's unfair and that's wrong and I'm tired of it. As a top candidate I show the best chance of beating obama in the Polls and you people are playing games with dumb questions like this.

Boy well if I DID run third party I don't think any of these guys have a shot of beating Obama. My supporters are really devoted and passionate you know. Now my goal right now is to win the nomination and the presidency. I'm doing all this because I think America is in a Mess. We are walking towards an economic disaster with wars we can't afford and towards tyranny with the TSA which I would abolish, and the NDAA bill that lets goverment take whoever they want and put them in jail indefinately without a trial or a lawyer. Everyone else up here is for the war mongering and for these tyrannical laws. That's going to bankrupt this country and its not what america stands for . America stands for freedom and Liberty. It stands for Justice. Equal Protection for Everyone. Not tyranny. not throwing people in holes in the ground without trial and without a lawyer. Not starting wars of agression over dubious evidence. That's why I ran and thats why I will fight to become the next president of the united states OF AMERICA"

try that on for size Dr. Paul...

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