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Ultimate PROOF SOPA/PIPA bills are clumsy excuses to DESTROY Online Liberty

Proof Strategy : proof by contradiction.

I. Work hypothesis / assumption

I.a) (One-liner summary only) SOPA/PIPA are to improve the efficiency of the fight against content piracy and copyright infrigement in general (note : fuzzy wording kept on purpose)

I.b) Aims to do so by new legal means paired with new technical prerogatives at the global Inet infrastructure to reinforce the enforcement of I.a), e.g., by bringing down "pirate" websites at the DNS level without further due notification process, etc

I.c) The rationale given in I.a) is "suitable enough" to imply the choice of effectiveness of the solution given in I.b)

II. Lemma

The SMALLER the economic foundations and the daily economic functioning of the labels companies/copyright holders are (in terms of their Capital/Stocks/Shares, Yearly Revenue/Income, Profit Margins, etc) the HIGHER are their benefits in the performance of the new LAW ENFORCEMENT provisions given in I.a)-I.c)

For this lemma sub-proof, either :

II.a) Use immediate common sense


II.b) Left to the skeptical reader with the following hint/clue :

a contrario of this lemma statement, one can for instance expect that the bigger the label company, the more likely it could afford, ANYWAY, expensive lawyers to defend its corporate interests against all piracy practices, EVEN in the absence of the provisions made in I) above

III. Conclusion :

It would then MAKE NO SENSE whatsoever for a today's privately and personally-founded tiny small label like, e.g., "Pompeii Records" / "Beirut" (see below) to have allowed so permissively (not to say with some possible, maybe complicity, even...) the practically uncontrolled, mostly undiscontinued and undisputed diffusion of its best selling songs "in the Youtube wild", almost exclusively originating from a totally uncontrolled fan-base FOR MOST OF IT, already.

Makes no sense = Absurdity = Proof by contradition :

The provisions attempted in I) are RATIONALLY UNFOUNDED, if only because they totally lack the evidence of existence of what WOULD BE their declared purpose's BEST / ARCHETYPICAL witness : the smallest labels / record companies.

(Unless, to be fair, these new bills' advocates ONLY care about the BIGGEST record companies / content media distributors; which has never been claimed so : instead, the claim is against "PIRACY")

IV. Epilogue :

We're left with a situation where either of two cases, or both may hold, either :

IV.a) The aim of I) is for Big Gov and Co. to destroy essential facets of the Freedom of Expression / Liberty over the Inet infrastructure / the WWW


IV.b) Hollywood, Big Media et al. ACTUALLY ARE the ones who have NO OTHER CLUE whatsoever, as of today, of how to sustain enough of their own innovation over the next decades and on a "free-market" ("free-..." : even if debatable, given the incurred bias they've brought in for decades already) and remain as profitable as they've got used to be.



"Pompeii Records" / "Beirut" : Youtub'ed


(and btw, who ON EARTH said that MSM could EVER, EVER kill the creativity and talent in the Great Arts in the USA ? Certainly NOT I. : listen to Beirut, and let yourself go...)

"Pompeii Records" / "Beirut" : Wikipedia


Enough said.

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