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Ron Paul Video: The Fix Is In!

SGTreport just made this Amazing Video!! Scary to see the footage at the end!!!


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Drop the 9-11 conspiracy stuff

This kind of stuff hurts us way more then anything the other candidates can do.


for posting.

I don't like the association

I don't like the association in the video that you put in regards to the 9/11 conspiracies... I think that's the last thing we need to relate to the Paul campaign and his message. But overall a very thought provoking video.

I would like to add that as of right now, there are plenty of statistics that show Ron Paul is gaining steam and favorable gains, and that Newt won South Carolina by winning over the older crowd, somewhere where Ron lacks significantly.

As time moves forward we will notice the mindsets off the electorate to shift, especially when the race gets down to just Romney and Paul. I've been concerned with the idea that the voting is somewhat fixed, but it will have to get to a certain point where they just can't hide the numbers anymore. If anything, there will be a grand protest if Paul doesn't get the nomination when our own numbers don't add up.

For instance, how did somebody like Barack Obama beat the all-mighty Clintons in the 08' primary? Don't you think that should have been 'fixed' primary as well? I've always felt that Hillary should have easily beaten Obama, but his support just grew so exponentially for the system to dismiss him as fringe or unelectable.

Like I said, we just need to reach that tipping point where the support just can't be hidden, stolen, or stopped.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

Yes, Ron Paul DOES NOT

Yes, Ron Paul DOES NOT believe in the 9-11 stuff.. But in this case, SGT is just showing the medias lack of questioning on important events... I agree with you on that! But the rest of the video is vaild, I wish that part wasn't in the video, but I still thought most of the video was really cool!!

Again, Dr.Paul is not a 9-11 conspiracy guy... The other facts, were stated pretty well and should be looked at. SGTreport is a really good website, and for the most part, should be looked at everyday for information rather than the MSM!! See the site for yourself!!