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So I heard you hate Cuba...

...Enough to go after it's government, Mr. Gingrich? Why on earth do you think that it's a good idea to topple every government that doesn't like us. Hell I'm open to conversation, but you don't even have any common sense on your side.

Firstly, Exactly at what point did Cuba become a threat to the United States of America? (I don't want to hear any of that "They're gonna get nukes" crap. We both know that's a lie.)

Secondly, If Cuba was such an evil country, why didn't we just go in half a century ago? Maybe because it's not the moral thing to do, you turd!

Next, This is a TEXTBOOK case of a dictator blaming a hostile country in order to rally enough support to stay in power. If we started trading with them, the odds are they would have a revolution toward democracy without the US military. The odds are good enough that we need to at least acknowledge the possibility.

In the end, I think it's a real shame you believe in this sort of thing thing, Mr. Gingrich. I've never really liked you, though I will give credit to you for your answer to the NASA problem. Unfortunately you were likely just saying that to please people. Ultimately, I don't believe you would even go through with a single thing you say. You're a proven liar, you've been proven unethical, and it's been proven to have a conflict of interest with the people and your own pockets, so please go away. I'm tired of listening to you and the stuff you're trying to get us to swallow.

You're even worse than Perry and his "Re-invade Iraq" scheme. What's next? Attack North Korea? I can't believe I'm saying this but in a small way I would almost like to see NK use a nuke against a US invastion force in defense of their country if only to teach our leaders a lesson in humility, and the cost of hubris.

God only knows how badly you need that lesson, Mr. Gingrich.

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