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(Pics) Ron Paul Congressional '76 Baseball Game

Great Pics of Ron!
(thanks, for this link, come and take it)
This is the best photo of Ron at bat. You can see the intensity in his face...

Ron at Bat!

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Chris Matthews

On MSNBC he listened to the Mitch Daniels' response to Obama's State Of The Union, he said something like "he's not like Ron Paul at all". Meanwhile Daniels talked about stuff like balancing the budget (right down Ron Paul's alley). The funny thing was that nobody brought up Ron Paul's name at the time. Matthews brought it up on his own.

Ron Paul is number 1!

Notice the back of his shirt. He's number 1!

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

I was watching SNL Saturday

I was watching SNL Saturday night, not sure whether it was a rerun or not, but they were making fun of Ron Paul's "small arms". They look pretty big to me, not to mention he hit a homerun. Two tickets to the gun show

Check out the comments!

And people worry about his age! This guy has always been an athlete. He's GOT TO BE in better shape than Gingrich for crying out loud - The Newtster looks like he keel over at any moment...

I heard Mitt Romney was the best switch hitter who would change sides in the middle of the at-bat.

The only person to hit a Home Run in the Congressional ballgame's history

Newt probably gets out of breath playing Bingo.

Ron Paul is a stud

He is definitely all AMERICAN!!!
Ron Paul 2012

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check out this astonishingly corpulant profile of newt ...


What in the world?

Is that photoshopped, wiz?

He's a fat slob, but I was immediately drawn to his hand rather than his double chins.

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don't think so ... !

google: newt gingrich grabbing woman's nose

Strange. It's kind of creepy how touchy-feely he is.


I always see him in photos hugging women. I wonder if they wanted him to...

I just learned his first wife was his High School math teacher that he married when he was 19.

Strange fellow.

This is the best photo of Ron at bat

This is the best photo of Ron at bat. You can see the intensity in his face.

Ron at Bat!