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We are not doing enough, myself included

That is the truth. We are still watching football, we are still hoping others are doing more than we are and we sit back a little more than we should. We hope other people are handing out Super Brochures, that other people have Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars. We hope someone else is pitching in a few more dollars. Our Founding Fathers probably took some time to eat, some time to sleep, and spent the rest of their time tirelessly on securing their liberty and this nation. I appreciate all we do, but damnit, we all need to do more. I am not just pointing the finger at us, I am pointing it at me. Screw the Super Bowl, the only Super we should be thinking about is handing out the Super Brochure during the Super Bowl!!!! You beat the system by rejecting it, by rejecting it's distractions, by rejecting it's entertainment value, and by striving every spare moment you have beyond spending time with your family, spending time with freedom. Spend time with freedom every chance you get. Ron Paul 2012!!!!

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