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Behind the scenes at the Florida debate

I am hearing behind the scenes info that although the crowd was instructed to stay silent during the actual debate, that during the breaks, the crowd was really letting NBC have it about free air time for Ron Paul. I am hearing this from people on the ground from ManCow, who is supposedly a RP supporter, and on Quinn and Rose in Pittsburgh. Rose was there last night. I am trying to find some clips.

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I was yelling at the TV

I hope they heard me through my TV.

I couldn't stand it. So many questions to Gingrich and Romney. No sense of balance.

Then the coup de grace. They had gone to a break a couple of times without giving Ron Paul a chance to chime in on a topic. But then on one question where they went to break they came back and gave santorum the opportunity to answer a question from before the break.

Brian Williams was the worst moderator I've seen.

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