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Third Party Bomb

In 2008 RP campaign supporters invented a "game-changing" campaign device, the MONEY BOMB.

Well folks, IMHO it's time for RP to implement a debating tactic that I'll call the...


Regarding NUKES, there's only ONE other thing on the face of the Earth that Santorum, Mitt, Newt and the Republican Establishment fear MORE than Iran, and that's RP running THIRD PARTY.

I say RP should beat them at their own game. I say RP should play HARDBALL. RP should RATTLE the THIRD PARTY saber at EVERY opportunity...as part of every interview, every stump speech, every debate. Use it as a threat to get them to give you more respect on the Debate platform, more time on the news shows, more objectivity from the talking heads.

Just like playing with NUKES, this is indeed a game of Mutually Assured Destruction. If RP has to use it, Rand Paul comes down but so will the presidential aspirations of Mitt and Newt.

But I think the Republican Establishment WILL BLINK and will see to it that RP is given whatever he demands.

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Good idea but this forum is

Good idea but this forum is impossible to plan stuff without being accused of self bumping. Id go to ronpaulforums with this idea.
There is a new money bomb coming up, like all money bombs they are never planed here

14th Feb No One But Paul Money Bomb

Side note why has the moneybomb that the campaign is doing not on the front page.

Based on jtbraine's comment,

Based on jtbraine's comment, I think readers were thinking that this is another theme for a money bomb. I edited my post to try to make it clearer that it's a new campaign tactic, and not a money bomb theme.