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Large Earthquakes likely next few days (24 Jan 2012)

Large Earthquakes likely tonight/tomorrow (24/25 Jan 2012). There was a large solar storm Sunday, the plasma shock will hit tonight/tomorrow. The plasma ejection was quite large, and recorded to be moving at around 4 million miles per hour, over 2 times faster than normal. When its percussion hits the Earth, stress may be relieved at fault zones (earthquakes).

Updated: Actually this should be over the next few days, not just tonight tomorrow. Japan's 8.9 (2011) occurred about 2 1/2 days after a large CME (coronal mass ejection). Chile's 8.8 (2010) occurred a couple days after a large CME.

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It was supposed to hit at

It was supposed to hit at 9am, but no earthquakes...

Yes, you are correct. When I

Yes, you are correct. When I converted UT to my own time zone I went the wrong direction...

Any earthquakes that happen as a result of the coronal mass ejection don't happen instantaneously. The Earth is a pretty big mass, it takes time for movement from the percussion to occur. Get a water ballon 12" diameter, and a camera that will take 10,000 frames per second. Hit the ballon and you'll see the shock wave moving through it. Now, imagine that on a ballon the size of Earth...

One thing we can see is that since the Solar eruption on Sunday, there has been a 6.0(+) everyday since, somewhere in the world:


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it is Sunday and I noticed that there were a lot of earthquakes today.

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Actually quiltingsando, there

Actually quiltingsando, there are a lot of earthquakes everyday, today is not really an unusual day. The danger of a CME induced quake, from Tuesday's CME, has probably already passed. The pattern seems to be 2-4 days after the CME, and CME do not gaurantee a quake, they just increase the likelyhood due to the jolt they give the earth.

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