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The Fix is in.

Unfortunately this is how it looks.


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Could it have been the Sarah

Could it have been the Sarah Palin effect?

I disagree

The event that newt cancelled had Ron Paul scheduled right after him. There were very few people there for Ron Paul. The video shows a Ron Paul event the day before. Let's compare apples with apples.

Enthusiastic supporters don't necessarily translate into large numbers. Just take an informal poll around your office. Ron Paul supporters are still in the minority. That's why it's such a thrill when you meet up with a fellow Paul supporter.

We still have a lot of people to win over. Don't deceive yourself that the support is actually more than it is.

Tim Maitski
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wouldnt it be a riot if someone other than Ron Paul won the

nomination? This is our last chance to have the president that good people deserve.

Wow. I wonder, considering

Wow. I wonder, considering such, can Ron Paul get elected?

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your a little late

I put this up an hour and a half ago... but at least you're awake!

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