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Should Gingrich Endorse Paul in Virginia?

Could Ron Paul win Virginia by basically rallying Gingrich's votes behind him? It's in Newt's best interest to limit Mitt Romney's impact in Virginia. Wouldn't it be smart of him to ask his supporters to vote for Paul?

I know it seems silly, but it would give a huge boost to Ron Paul. If he beats Romney in Virginia it would severely hurt Romney's campaign.

If I'm on the Ron Paul team, I'm approach Neutron's staff and asking him to come out to support RP in Virginia.


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Ego might keep Newt from doing it

But Ron Paul might still pull in some of the NotRomney vote in Virginia and I don't care why they vote for Ron Paul as long as they vote for Ron Paul.

Newt said he'd vote for Obama

Newt said he'd vote for Obama if Paul was the nominee. Highly unlikely he'd risk Virginia's electoral votes to Paul to try and weaken Romney.


but wont because Newt is the antithesis of liberty. He would never support the message that the Dr. is sharing.

Chanches are Slim to None...

Newt is a true collectivist statist and member of the CFR and will never support the platform of freedom and liberty. He will do just about anything to stop the message of Dr Paul.

There is old, bad blood since Newt actively campaigned against Ron Paul -- to the extent that Newt sought out, groomed and actively supported a democrat, convincing him to become Republican, so he could run against Paul in Texas during the time that RP was running to return to congress. So I do not see this as a possibility...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Newt for RP

Is this a joke?


Only in Virginia

The suggestion was that Newt and Santorum might help Ron Paul win in Virginia because that's the only way to keep Romney from getting those delegates.

Do you think they care?

Newt and Ricky care only about Newt and Ricky. They know they don't have a chance (unless I am giving them too much credit for the slightest amount of intelligence)to win. They are just playing along with the establishment to keep voters away from Ron Paul. Whatever works out best for them is what they will do, and supporting Ron Paul just isn't it. That much they do know.

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They only care about Newt and RIcky

is right. They don't care about helping Ron Paul, or perceive Ron Paul as enough of a threat to do anything to hurt Ron Paul. Helping Ron Paul win in Virginia *is* in their self-interest because it hurts Mitt. Their egos might get in the way of their own self-interest though.

No, helping Ron Paul

is not in their best interest. The only reason they are in the race is to take votes away from Ron Paul. They and Mitt serve the establishment and only the establishment. Bucking the powers that be is not in their self interests. The longer they hang around the more brownie points they rack up from their masters. That is, until their masters tell them it's time for them to drop out and support Mitt.

By the way, I like your welcome to any TPM readers, below.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Chubby Newt

Won't back Paul. He'd dump his third wife for power.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

should he endorse RP?

will he? probly not. he is only worried about his own money and power-grabbing goals.....

just dont see it happening.


ron in 12!

Welcome, TPM readers!

You're probably here because you followed a link on TPM from this article:

As long as you're here ... are you tired of both parties fighting unnecessary wars? Are you disappointed that Obama embraces things like the NDAA? Worried about the ballooning debt, and angry that neither party seems at all serious about fiscal responsibility?

Then I invite you to give Ron Paul a serious look. If you want to see a video that explains what Ron Paul's supporters see in him, this one is good:
and you can find lots more videos here:
Or watch some of his floor speeches in the House:
Such as his opposition to the bipartisan momentum to give Bush his war in Iraq back in 2002:
Wouldn't it have been nice if people had listened to Ron Paul's principled objections at the time? Look at what the next ten years brought, at the cost of thousands of American lives and over a trillion dollars. And now, ten years later, both parties seem intent on finding an excuse to attack Iran. It's insane.

Are things heading in a direction you want? Are Obama or Romney or Newt or Santorum advocating any real change to the problems of unnecessary wars and economic weakness? If not, give Ron Paul a listen, and find out why his supporters are so enthusiastic about him.

It's easy to find reasons to dismiss Ron Paul if you're predisposed to doing that. But I hope instead you'll spend a little time finding out what Ron Paul really says and what he really stands for. Thanks for your time.