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Ron Paul moves to 3rd in Florida, Florida newspaper say large Veteran population will help him

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nice map

check map out for other states

The only thing that will help win Florida is Boots on the Ground

We need these fellow veterans and others to be Ron Paul's reserve army. We need these boots on the ground to go door to dor.

Please go to www.ronpaulflorida.com and as they have a list of the super voters. It's our only way to target these folks directly at their house. What better way for a veteran to show up and talk with them.

Look at what Mr. Storm did in Iowa for www.ronpaulflyerbomb.com as he delivered at least 10,000 Brochures himself.

If we will have any impact in Florida or any other state me must take the battle to the streets and walk & talk with your neighbors. In some of these Florida communities you might be able to reach a lot more folks faster compared to the rural areas of Iowa.

Any way keep fighting!



no substitute for person to person campaigning.

Don't forget those gun, homeschooling and health shows.