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Florida school using Children's fingerprint for attendance

Is this crazy or is it just me? I never had my child fingerprinted when she was a child. Back in the mid 80's when my child started school there was a big push by the local police to do this in case she came up missing and to me it just seemed like I would be giving too much of her personal information away and not really do much to protect her in case she was "abducted".

I accepted at the time that I would have to take more responsibility to keep her safe, I lived in Detroit at that time so I walked my child to school (multiple reasons..druggies on the school corners for one), picked her up from school, knew her friends and their parents, until her teen years she rarely went anywhere or did anything that wasn't monitored by my Hubby, Mother or myself. We did give her more freedom as she aged but until she was 18 she had to inform us of where she would be and who she would be doing it with.

This is a total invasion of privacy, If someone does something wrong and gets put into a system that is their problem but giving up your fingerprints before you are the age of consent is wrong.

This story just blows my mind..it is creepy

From Wikipedia

Disappearance of children's latent prints

In 1995, researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, at the instigation of Detective Art Bohanan of the Knoxville Police Department, discovered that children's fingerprints are considerably more short-lived than adult fingerprints.[5] The rapid disappearance of children's fingerprints was attributed to a lack of the more waxy oils that become present at the onset of puberty. The lighter fatty acids of children's fingerprints evaporate within a few hours. As of 2010, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are investigating techniques to capture these lost fingerprints.

Why is it so important to re-capture these lost fingerprints and why Oak Ridge? Isn't O.R a place for national security?

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Biometric data mining.

It's part of the total control scheme.
They also have programs in some places to collect DNA from everybody that they can make some plausible excuse for collecting.
Fingerprints are almost passe' now. Yes, they want them, but what they really want are everyone's DNA and everyone's eye scans, and everyone's facial recognition profile.They are even starting with motion software which attempts to determine if you are angry or agitated or a threat, by the way you are walking and moving and carrying your physical attitude.

This is all for the eventual automated control programs which will use machines to control our everyday lives, and arrest us if they "think" we might not be thinking what they demand that we think, or acting like they demand we act.

It's not just you, it's

It's not just you, it's crazy. This is how privacy invasion always starts, by getting you to voluntarily comply. They sell you the idea by saying it's going to help you find missing children, and protect kids... I mean, who wouldn't want to protect kids right??