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Video: Ron Paul supporters outside the Tampa GOP debate last night!


This video was shot outside the Tampa GOP debate last night! The Ron Paul supports were lined up on both sides of the street and outnumbered any other candidates supporters by at LEAST 9 to 1! My niece, (19) who lives on campus, called me in the afternoon and said "there are Ron Paul signs EVERYWHERE!!!" She said she did not see any signs for any of the other candidates, but that you could not walk a few feet without seeing ANOTHER RP sign! Her excitement and enthusiasm were contagious! ;-)

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thank you--

from someone in the ice/snowbound north . . . thank you for being 'down there' and doing this--

I had the same thought posted on the youtube comments--

where are all the other candidates' supporters?

There IS so much more support for Dr. Paul; it is very significant--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

That was cool to watch.

That was cool to watch.

That was great!

Great choice of music!

You know, if we had truly objective journalism in this country, they would show the whole story of something as important as a presidential debate, not just inside the building when the cameras are on, but outside as well. But of course objective journalism has never been a part of Tell-Lie-Vision's modus operandi.