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Florida Early Voting

I just got back from "early voting" in Sebastian, Florida. It was a very simple process with a very simple ballot. It was convenient and I was able to walk in, show my driver's license (thankfully a photo ID is required here in Florida!), get a ballot, mark it for my candidate (I'll give you one guess who I voted for -:)), and feed it into the machine. That's where I had a problem: when I fed the ballot into the machine, it did not give me an indication as to how it read my ballot. I had no way of knowing if it read my vote correctly. When I asked the poll worker about this, I got a response along the lines of "oh, it read it correctly". When I pressed the issue by asking "how do I know it did", the answer was something like "I guarantee it did". I asked for the supervisor. He quickly came over and I explained my issue. He assured me that it was registered properly. Again, I tried to explain that I have no way of knowing if it did and, at this point, he seemed aggravated, gave me a nasty look, and "guaranteed" that it was registered properly. I told him that he has no way of knowing if it did and that, worse, neither did I. I had no choice but to shake my head and walk away.