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Run clips from this Reagan speech in TV and Print Ads and Ron Paul WINS!

Run clips from Reagan's 1964 speech on behalf of Goldwater and RON PAUL WINS. Run them over and over and point out that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that even comes close to the Goldwater/Reagan standard. Of course it probably won't play well for die-hard Repubs cause they hated Barry too, but it might wake a few of them up.

Run it over and over - that's what the progressives do - they use neural linguistic programming and we can play that game too, but for people's freedom not slavery.


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Seems to me that Reagan is

Seems to me that Reagan is advocating the Vietnam war here. Am I wrong?

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Sent emails to RevolutionPAC and Santa Rita Super PAC

asking them to incorporate more Reagan/RP comparisons into ads and mentioned this speech in particular.

Somebody in the Campaign Needs to Read the Book Reagan's Revolut

tion.It is an EXCELLENT look at Ronald Reagan's 1976 campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination.In the book Reagan lost the first 5 primaries and his campaign was on the ropes.He was implored by The Establishment to quit and spare himself any more humuliation.Reagan refused to quit.North Carolina turned his campaign around and he started to win more and more to the point that he actually had more votes than Gerald Ford but lost when the Missisippi delegation betrayed him and went with Ford.It is an inspiring book and the things said about Reagan were amazingly similiar to that said about Paul....

Ron Paul'08

How to get older voters....

Ronald Reagan and Goldwater is your bridge to the older voter.

This struggle has been going on for a long time and you can bridge it to Ron Paul by using Reagan and Goldwater if you tie in to the fact that Communism is still trying to take over the country and "Islamists" are merely a distraction to take away our freedoms. Remind them of what happened to the Soviets after 10 years in Afghanistan and we don't need to be building their nation.

Use the idea that "rubble don't cause trouble" If someone messes with us, use massive force and go home. No nation building, no COIN.

As an older supporter, late 40s, I can tell that this is how I approach others older than myself. I get the "oh that makes sense" and then at least they don't think I nuts. It puts the "isolationist" talk to rest.... most Americans just want to do their own thing and be left alone.

It is like Ronald Reagan was talking about here and now...

It would be really good to have Ronald Reagan speaking for President Paul. Ron Paul knew Ronald Reagan and spent time with him alot too. You came up with a really good idea to have this video incorporated into something that would lend an assist to Ron Paul. We got several months to go so it could catch the eye of someone in the Paul camp...Thanks so much for the video...it brings back so many fond memories of days gone by.

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