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After last night..

I am a USF student, and after seeing all of the support up close in person I am convinced that the movement will stick around for my entire life.

I think that this election is much more important philosophically. I am so excited and you should be too. The GOP cannot ignore this, it is bigger than 2012.

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has been ignoring us for 5 years.

The only way we can win is if we join the GOP at the local level and take the party over. Im convinced that is the only path to victory.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Liberty is what everyone wants -- it's just that we've all grown up in a culture that only pays lip service to liberty because those who profit from government don't like liberty.

Even people in the Middle East, who have no Thomas Jeffersons to look up to in their history, realize that they don't want two-bit dictators telling them how to live their lives.

You're right: it is philosophical, which is why it doesn't lend itself well to sound bites.


Also...got this message from Ron via e-mail.......spread the word!!!.......

What kind of America do I envision?

How about one where our God-given rights are respected?

Where our federal government stays within its constitutional limits, doesn't spend more than it takes in, and has a balanced budget?

Where our defenses are stronger than ever, because we're not stretching our fighting men and women thin all over the globe?

Or where you and I don't have to have our privacy invaded and our dignity stripped away just to get on a plane?

You and I have a chance to rock the status quo and bring real change to America in this election.

But I need your help right away if we are to win this race.

Please, contribute whatever you are able to my End the TSA Money Bomb to help me keep the spotlight on this critical issue and highlight that I am the only presidential candidate who is serious about stopping this out-of-control bureaucracy.

Yesterday, my son, Senator Rand Paul, encountered the TSA's ridiculousness firsthand when he was detained and prevented from making his flight to Washington, D.C. to speak at the March for Life - all because he refused their disgusting full body pat-down after they detected an “anomaly” in his scan.

They even got upset when he made a call to let his Senate office know he wouldn't be able to keep his commitment at the March!

After Rand refused to back down for almost two hours, they finally agreed to his common-sense proposal: let him take a second scan.

Of course, nothing showed up, and Rand caught a later flight.

Americans are subjected to this kind of treatment every day in our nation's airports, and few have the kind of opportunity that Rand and I do to speak out about it.

I've led in Congress by proposing legislation to hold TSA and all other federal agents accountable to the same laws that apply to every other American, and I'll lead in the White House with my Plan to Restore America, which completely abolishes the TSA.

My Plan also places responsibility for security back in the hands of private property owners, who have incentive to keep their customers safe without subjecting them to unnecessary harassment.

Despite the nationwide outrage at the TSA's tactics, President Obama refuses to take action to rein them in, and you can be sure my establishment Republican opponents won't lift a finger to protect the American people's right to travel without being assaulted by the government.

If we're serious about creating change and restoring passengers' liberties, we must take action now.

Please, donate whatever you are able to my End the TSA Money Bomb today so I can have every resource possible to spread my message of freedom and win this race.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

....My Wife, 5 Sons and I.

are not going anywhere.

Ron Paul 2012...2016
Rand Paul 2020...2024
Lisa Paul 2028...........

We are in for the..long...long...LONG...run here.

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Florida Grassroots!

Florida Grassroots! Last night was the most amazing convergence of common American citizens for ANY CAUSE that I have ever experienced and I have been to a few sizable Ron Paul rallies in the Tampa Bay Area (especially in 2008). This one caught me completely off guard! What surprised me the most were not the college students or even the hard core Ron Paul supporters that I recognized from the local meet-up groups, but rather the broad spectrum of Americans, many who admitted it was their first time ever going to a grassroots political event and others who drove here from distance areas of the state not knowing exactly what to expect. There were families there who brought their kids, veterans driving surplus military trucks, elderly couples, even a guy dressed up as Patrick Henry!

We met so many great and wonderful people last night for the first time, but it felt more like seeing old friends or family. It is so true when Dr. Paul says ‘Liberty brings people together.’ Everyone was helping one another with huge smiles on their faces. What people need to realize is that these videos reflect largely the street party of those of us whose primary goal was to line the street 2-3 hours before the debate, so that we could see and be seen by Dr. Paul when his motorcade arrived. During this time, my niece and I only saw a few people representing the other candidates (<10 combined and I am not exaggerating this point), so on the entrance route Ron Paul supporters were the 99% hands down!



Look for the little boy holding sign and then later an older fellow. People need to realize that most of the University students were already at the debate viewing tent ~300 yards away (not shown here) behind the Marshal Center. That tent was at full capacity (1000 people) and overflowing. As usual, there was a media blackout on this huge turnout of Ron Paul supporters for Dr. Paul’s welcome, but several news spots were made for the couple dozen protesting the GOP at the tent. I sense the 'Blowback' building!!!

‘Imagination is not a talent of some men, but the health of every man.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am raising Ron Paul

I am raising Ron Paul supporters. RP for life.

Me too! Two generations!!

Me too! Two generations!!

Me too.


Life, Liberty... and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Me too.

Hopefully, there are lots of us!

As am I.

Got three Ron Paul supporters brewing. One will be able to vote in two years.

Ann in Florida

Same here

I have a young one who already watches this stuff with me :)

Raised three plus an add on

All three of mine will be of voting age this year. My oldest married a Ron Paul supporter. Most if not all of our church members are Ron Paul supporters. They all see the "rightness" of Ron Paul's message. The message of liberty will stick for a long time in our family.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Me too

Very proudly RP for life!!


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

Can this movement ever be reabsorbed into the two-party lie?

Of course not.

Well, maybe if they suppress the internet, kill lots of people, and wait a couple generations.

RP Stands for Red Pill

Once out of the Matrix, there's no going back, no way to co-opt those who have been to the puppet show and seen the strings.

Well, there are quite a few Cyphers out there

that know about all the lies and just decide to go along with it for personal gain.

They are our prime enemies.

Please RR, don't give them

Please RR, don't give them any ideas :P

This is our chance

2012 is our chance - we will not have another politician (well, at least not for 30 years or more) with Ron Paul's decades of perfect record and integrity who will speak for freedom, and have a chance that Ron Paul will have by being elected president. We need to seize this chance NOW.

Spread Ron Paul like a wildfire. We all need to continue to be overly proactive and we can do this. Ron Paul 2012!

Consider becoming a delegate

Here's everything you need to know about it:


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

it has been going on for some time now..but beware in the future

of the establishment propping up someone who appears to be liberty centered. Others will come along & lie to the people continually in efforts to capture this movement & steer it down a course that ends with more government (collectivism). I agree that this movement will go on, but, so will attempts t to marginalize it & steer it off course. Things will not get easier for us from here on out, they will get more difficult & we must be vigilant

james williams

That is why we need to get RP

That is why we need to get RP into the White House now, because there is no one else I trust to give my time and money to than RP himself. We need to hammer this message to the GOP establishment as well.

I agree

I agree and think they will try to hijack the movement just like they hijacked the tea party. Beware of empty promises and fake Ron Paul talking points. Do not let your guard down, do no let up, continue to donate and spread the message. I hate to see the alternative revolution come to us via a total collapse of our economy. Stay on target!

Judge not

by the seeing of your eyes or the hearing of your ears. Now is the time that we all need to seek spiritual discernment so we cannot be led astray. Before I threw my full support behind Dr.Paul, I drove 4 hours to a rally to meet and speak with him. It was then that I knew that I could trust this man completely - to do as he spoke. He is one of the most trustworthy persons I have EVER met! "Knew ye therefore no man after the flesh" II Corinthians 5:16

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

Liberty is popular

and, as more people wake up, there will be a revolution.

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

I thought the same exact

I thought the same exact thing after I went to the Rally for the Republic in 2008.

It was then that I realized that the freedom movement was here to stay and only grow with time.

Your right

All it takes to believe is to go to a Ron Paul event. Wow, its a real eyeopener and it makes me proud to be a part of the Freedom / Ron Paul movement.

It's VERY EASY for the GOP to Ignor

After the public events are over, the Republicans go home and attend their Republican Central Committee meetings. This is what happens there:

They look at each other and take mental notes: "I really like Romney and am happy to know Jack there, he likes Romney too; and Jane and Sue are unahppy about Michell dropping out, but I bet I can swing them to Romney, Sue gave me a hint, she likes him. It just gets me that Bob, Dave and Mike are so vocal about Newt, and I don't know what the hell George is thinking liking Santorum... Christ allmighty, it must be that dead baby thing, and he's got more feelings than I thought. Well, that sums up this committee, I wonder though, what are all those crazy people waving signs for that old, "let them smoke dope", Ron Paul? I THANK GOD those lunatics are not here at the RCC meeting. Hopefully they are just stooges for the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party, or better yet, Independents and we don't have to worry about them, where we are safe and sound in out little group. Well, it will be good when this is done and I can go home and watch some TV. Those TV guys know that those Ron Paul goons don't have a bloody chance in hell, and I'm so glad they cut that crap off the TV so I don't have to watch it where it counts, in my home on TV!"

Nice one!

But don't forget about the ever increasing story of the Ron Paul supporters who have started from the bottom, witnessed and fought the disgusting brainwashing, bigotry, and evil: to take over their precinct, county, and looking @ state/federal gop. It would help these people to have some reinforcements. Please get involved!

To paraphrase Jesus...

The stupid will always be with us.

Yeah but...

I think he was extolling us on to take part in the local activity and take it over....immediately. With the committee, and it's whole regular meeting, consisting of about 15 white hairs..say only 4 of whom are on the actual committee, a hearty band of Ron Pauler's could easily use the rules in place to seize control over the committee.

It's what the conspiracy used to place their minions within the Republican and Democratic Parties in the first place. The Bircher's were hardly wrong about what was going on, they simply mislabeled the perpetrators as "communists" (rather than the fascists they are) and missed the coup that occurred at the local levels. Amazing what a local lodge can accomplish with a little grease...and now, until we take back that power and control, they have the reigns of the election in their hands....

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?