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As Gingrich’s fate rises, so does Obama’s

This is a point that Dr. Paul needs to hammer home, Gingrich cannot defeat Obama in the general election.


If he ever gets the opportunity to speak for more than 30 seconds in a debate, I would also like to see him hammer home the point that he and he alone can steal the overwhelming majority of independent votes from Obama. And a lot of Democrats as well.

Romney is supposed to be the most electable, only one problem. Even Republicans dont like him, because he's not a Republican. Romney could have run for governor as a moderate Democrat and nobody would have questioned it.

Santorum is the bad boy they dream about, but deep down the GOP knows hes too far to the right to beat Obama in the general election. Santorum is George W Bush on steroids.

Gingrich, great talker, great bullsh*tter, he's mastered all the rhetoric that the far right loves (socialism, Obamacare, etc). But Gingrich has a long track record of lies and deception, his own party turned their back on him as speaker of the house. If Gingrich ends up being the guy, hes going to get slaughtered.

I'd like to see RP get aggressive and really hammer these points home, that voting for these guys is really like voting for 4 more years of Obama because none of them can win the general election.

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Totally agree...Dr Paul has to ATTACK...but....

I am really worried..he is too compassionate to the others on the stage ..and unfortunately he avoids to cut through their flesh....even he's being an OBGYN...and you have to cut when performing surgeries..so I am worried and I think that you have a point and all our opinions are going to die on the dryness of the sunshine along all others attempts to put the good dr on fire....he s capable because I am doctor too and I know that every doctor that is doing any kind of surgical activity and OBGYN is one of them ,is propense to be agressive (surgeries for the most of time are an escape valve mechanism for us) if he lets his instincts ON ....