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These are the people we really need to be reaching through to, and here's a tactic to accomplish that ...

I'm re-posting something that I think is an important tactic that we need to be thinking about to reach the people we really need to be breaking through to (I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I think this is really important) ...



Folks i'm thinking we need make more of an effort to call in and make it on the neocon radio shows, like Hannity, Rush, etc. I know that sounds crazy, but it's their audience that we need to start bringing on board, so we can have better showings on voting days. Since we are on the right side of the issues, we could expose the hosts for the fake conservatives that they are right in front of their audience. I saw some post the other day about a Hannity phone bomb. I thought that was a great idea!

I so want to call into Hannity, but unfortunately I can't because I'm at work during most of his show (I only catch the last hour). I'd love to call in though, because I know I could school him. I know his style, and since I know the issues inside and out and know his tactics, I know I could expose him in front of his audience. Since we're on the correct side of the issues we could expose those guys in front of their audience and maybe start to make inroads to their audience. For people who can and do call in, you have to disguise yourself to the call screener. You have to mention that you want to talk about something current in the news about one of the neocon candidates, Newt or Romney, and appear as one of their supporters. Then when you get on the air let them have it, but (AND THIS IS IMPORTANT) you can't simply scream and sound crazy. You have to calmly and respectfully bring up the issues that need to be exposed. Like a good one is ask them why it's considered more conservative to borrow (adding to the debt in the process) and spend more money overseas. I'd love to hear Hannity wiggle his way out of that question. I think when confronting those guys, one topic we could really hit them hard with is the debt, because that is one of the areas where those hosts are seriously flawed, and their audience needs to know about that, to discredit them a bit and get the audience to think about looking into Ron Paul, or at the very least get people to start thinking independently. Once they start to think independently, they'll naturally gravitate towards Ron Paul. It's almost a guarantee.

I've recently heard a few callers make it on Hannity and they represented Ron Paul well, they were respectful and talked about the issues. It was great stuff. I feel we need more of that.

We've seen how they co-opted the Tea Party. What we need to do by doing this is try to turn the tables on them and co-opt their audience.

In the link of the first post I provided, I added some comments with some suggestions. So please also see the discussion in that post as well.


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Tell the screener- I support & trust our Troops

Then ask Hannity, Rush, etc. If they support and trust our Troops. Of course they will say yes. Then you hit them with the question. Why do you think our Troops overwhelmingly support Ron Paul (donations) and trust HIM to be the next Commander in Chief?

Yep and listen to them wiggle their way out ...

... All the while the audience gets to hear how disingenuous they are. At which point we might get some people out there to step back and think for themselves.

Honestly I don't know if we

Honestly I don't know if we can reach that audience... they kind of have to come looking for us, when they are ready to wake up. And I say this as a former neocon talk radio listener. Many of these people aren't ready to hear the message yet.

What I see as being a bigger problem is that yes, Ron does have a lot of non republican support from independents, libertarians, etc. Many of these same people used to be Republicans, but aren't anymore. A lot of people are leaving the Republican party, due to the fact that the neoconservative philosophy is losing credibility. Maybe it's some of those open minded independents and members of 3rd parties that we need to reach? See if they might be willing to sign up for the Republican party and build a future there with us. Right now we are all kind of spread out among various other parties and coalitions... meanwhile the Republican party itself is hemorrhaging, leaving only the neocons and religious right. And that's how the Neocons get away with claiming Ron Paul isn't a 'real' Republican. Ron Paul represents what the party used to be, and what it could be in the future.

I used to be a neocon listening to those shows as well ...

And all it took was a few sound arguments, and I started to think independently. The key is to get people to think independently.

Well, it's just that I know

Well, it's just that I know Rush and many of the others screen our calls and will either hang up or cut us off. They don't want to talk about Paul, except to insult him. You might have better luck getting through if you just call and stick to the issues. The thing is, though, they will probably agree with you at the time. Until it matters in an election, then they will poison their audience with half truths and misinformation about the candidates who stand for those very things.

Newt, Mitt and Rick

opened up a prime opportunity at last nights "debate" when they hopped on the bandwagon for isolating Cuba. Lure them in by complimenting them on their stand against an authoritarian regime then hammer them on why they support things like T.S.A. as well as other misguided things like S.O.P.A. Florida is a prime state for this maneuver.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

It's waste of energy and time

It's better to join the GOP and go to Republican Central Committee meetings and work on the people who actually have the power of the vote in their hands.

That's a great thing to do as well ...

But, why can't we do both? better to try and cover as much as we can. We're fighting against the GOP machine, so we have to use all the tactics we can.

Sure you can

What you're suggesting is great for entertainment. Unless you actually convince people to join the GOP and attend meetings, and someone at a meetings says.. I joined the GOP because of what YOU said on such and such show... what have you done by being on the radio?

Ron Paul has tons of NON-Republican support.. actually, he has too much NON-Republican support. He better get some Republicans who have the POWER to put him in office otherwise, it's just entertainment.

Ha, your last paragraph is precisly what i'm talking about ...

when I bring this up. It's because the audience of those shows *ARE* the Republicans we need to make inroads to. We have to get people to start thinking independently. That's the key. We have to take a broad approach to it. So what you suggest is a great idea, and should be part of a bunch of tactics to cover the bases.

We have to occupy the GOP

That's what it's going to take to win.