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Online Presidential Primary Poll: Florida Trend - Vote for Ron Paul

We need votes DP'ers. Ron Paul is losing at 8%. Vote for him here:


Poll on the right hand side, upper part of the page.

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Ron Paul's now at 72%!!

Ron Paul's now at 72%!!

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The problem with that poll is

The problem with that poll is that it asks "Who do you think will win?" not, "Who do you want to win?".

So the honest answer is Romney. I don't think anybody seriously thinks that Florida is the first state where Ron Paul will come in first.

you doom and gloomer!

LOL, JK. Good point, of course. I do always keep a little hope alive though....

BTW, the poll has so few responses that it's no surprise Ron now leads by a wide margin.

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many votes there:
Gingrich [34] 24%
Paul [63] 45%
Romney [41] 29%
Santorum [3] 2%

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