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How To Avoid Voting For A Globalist Puppet

"With so many political candidates now at the very least paying lip-service to the concepts of Constitutional freedoms, limited Federal influence, and State’s rights, it may become increasingly difficult for voters to discern who is a snake-oil peddler and who is the real deal. Many who supported the rise of the Tea Party (originally launched by Ron Paul back in 2007-2008), suddenly found their efforts for a free America being hijacked by establishment fakes in 2010. Out of nowhere, gutter dwelling pro-globalist imposters like Rick Santorum could be found headlining forums at Constitutional rallies, and even veteran globalists like Newt Gingrich have tried to jump on the bandwagon.

The light at the end of the tunnel, though, is ironically visible in the destructive nature of these candidates."


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Anyone who's either been

Anyone who's either been around a while or knows how to use Google ought to know about how Gingrich and the Establishment derailed the "Republican Revolution" of 1994.

It's not hard to identify fakes any more, or shouldn't be, thanks to the Internet... which we really need to keep free!