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Romney/Paul tag team on Gingrich could be effective in getting him out of the race


"Romney has the money to control the message going forward after Florida in Nevada, Maine, Colorado and Minnesota. Romney won all four of these states in 2008. He has had organizations in these states for six years. These two facts are an overwhelming advantage for Romney following Florida...The central question may soon become whether or not Santorum's supporters abandon ship and flock to the Gingrich's camp. That may be the only way Gingrich, short of a resounding win in Florida, can sustain his campaign through the long debateless month at begins Friday morning."

I think no debates surrounding the four feb. contests is a huge advantage for Romney and Paul and Gingrich may have a hard time staying afloat financially, although the Limbaughs and Fox News of the world with try. He has little to no organization in these states where Romney and Paul have been for 6 years now. I hate to say it but Romney is our best friend until we can face him one on one.

I also think we want Santorum to stick around because his voters do not translate to us, so he dilutes the Newt vote thru at least Florida which is good for us and Romney.

I don't know if we beat Romney head to head but we sure get a truckload of delegates along the way and make things extremely complicated and all it takes is a Romney scandal and the nomination is ours.

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Some of Santorum's voters might come to us.

Why this is possible is because of what was reported to me regarding yesterday's March for Life in Washington, DC. One of my friends who attended stated that there were a good number of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum supporters there. The Santorum supporters whom he talked to didn't even know that Ron Paul was pro-life. Due to what happened to Rand Paul yesterday in Nashville's airport, he couldn't make it up to DC in time to state his father's pro-life credentials, as he was scheduled to do. Therefore, Ron Paul could conceivably pick up some of Rick Santorum's single issue pro-life supporters.

We Want Santorum And Ginrich Out

A Romney-Paul debate is the only way we're going to get decent debate time and questions.

Plus without the distractions I believe Paul and his campaign can handle Romney. It's the ability of the other two to hang around that is hurting us.

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I agree with much of your

I agree with much of your assessment. Santorum dropping out only helps us if Gingrich is also out. Until then, better that he stay.

After Florida though, I don't think we can afford to be too friendly with Mitt. Newt will not be a factor in any of the contests between Fla and Super Tuesday. Neither will Santy.

It will just be us and Mitt. And the campaign will have to get mean.

I'm here in Nevada, and I think we can do waaaayyyy better than 2008. The LDS vote will be mostly Mitt's but I've met a few LDSers who are hard core Paul supporters.

Lastly, I think I'd rather see Newt win Florida to take Mitt's momentum away in the February states.

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Yeah that is encouraging. I

Yeah that is encouraging. I think ideally we would see Gingrich and Santorum drop out in the same week or two week window after an intense fight with Romney, where endorsements by them would not mean much.

I think Santorum's money dries up here soon, but Gingrich may be able to stick around until super Tuesday I fear.