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Need some advertising ideas for the small town newspaper

I want to run a short but attention grabbing ad in my local rural newspaper. I would like to tap into other Ron Paul supporters in my area, any ideas to help with the wording?

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Simple is Better - 5 Ideas

1. Block letters the word Honesty and pic of Ron Paul underneath.

2. "A vote for anyone but Ron Paul is a vote for less Liberty."

3. "We need more Paper Ballots not more Paper Money."

4. Name of impactful films like 'New American Century', 'A Noble Lie', 'The Secret of Oz' or another credible documentary that doesn't directly say Ron Paul but leads to TRUTH.

5. Ad: 4 Year's in the White House, an unlikely coalition.

(Have picture of Ron Paul and variety of who endorse him or people he embraces - Martin Luther King Jr., Vince Vaughn, Ronald Reagan, Kelly Clarkson, Andrew Jackson (or better fit ex-president) Joe Rogan, Phil Donahue, Jon Colbert, etc.)


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One Idea

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