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USS Enterprise False Flag?

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I warned about this already

on this thread. It also contains a link to a news article that raised my eyebrows.


Beware of Cointel-pro also

"problem-reaction-solution" is always the MO and the USS enterprise looks like an ideal FF. However, Cointel-pro is often a few steps ahead so watch for a bait and switch ... while we are looking at Captain Kirk the Klingon's have cloaked themselves in something we completely miss.

The Military Industrial Complex

has the resources to pull something like this off. They also have clear motive, oil and warmonger profiteering. I know some will think this kind of conspiracy stuff shouldn't be posted here, usually I agree, but not in this case. It's great that he picked the USS Enterprise because of it's decommission status, it could be any ship, and this brings awareness to the possibility of a false flag attack. Spreading this could possibly show our ability to prevent them with videos like this. I'd like to see this as a whole series with a bunch of different false flag scenarios.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

I'm with you; spread this!

Normally I try to keep us all focused on campaign stuff, but I'll make an exception here because this conjecture actually makes sense and does have the given historical precedents. Every indication is that the Establishment wants to start a war with Iran, so... yes, this is quite plausible. That may not play well with some, but this is WORLD WAR we are facing if we don't avert it.

If a FF terror attack starts up WW3, there's no way to anticipate what the death toll will be. The entire war will be different than anything we've seen before. One thing's for sure, though: it won't be the US and Britain stomping a little pipsqueak like Iraq. This one will be much, much worse for us -- not even counting the fact that WE ARE ABOUT TO GO BROKE!!!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I wouldn't trade my tin foil hat for a nose ring

why should you?

Let's face it, Conspiracy Theory is limited to THINKING people who aren't afraid of truth or B.S. and have the courage to use their heads to decipher the difference.

highly recommended

... that everyone spread this 100% spot-on analysis world-wide. Use the www to Stop WWIII !!!

This technique - "de-commission through destruction" - connects the dots of other false-flag black-ops and gives clues to the puppetmasters pulling strings and financing these strategic psy-ops. For instance:

... there was an account I read ( and unfortunately didn't snapshot and never saw again ) shortly after 911 of a photographer who claimed that he was hired to do a shoot of the World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2, and during the course of his work he stumbled in on a meeting during which the topic of discussion was how corrosion caused by salty sea-breezes together with aluminum cladding caused the structural steel of the towers to unexpectedly lose significant strength due to corrosion. The aluminum cladding was not meant to have any contact with the steel beams but nevertheless corrosion occurred due to salty damp air and perhaps design flaws in the cladding stand-offs. If that occurred then over time the swaying movement of the towers would have accelerated the serious structural problems of corrosion.

What all this meant was the worlds largest scaffolding would have to surround the buildings and 5 billion dollars spent on taking them down. So these two gigantic half-empty "white elephants" were going to cost 5 billion - and the new owner instead received 7 billion? due to his unusual decision to add a terrorism clause to his massive insurance policy. At least 12 billion dollar motive existed in the case of September 11th 2001 WTC attacks for an inside job right there if this story was true.

Also relevant is the Sears Tower in Chicago was supposedly also one of the targets according to early reports during September 11th - interesting because that is also an aging super-high rise tower and you gotta wonder exactly what is the true safe life-span of these types of buildings? ( and I wouldn't rush to accept some engineer's opinion as I now generally distrust most "scientists" types since Climategate, Climategate2, etc etc etc )

Will the Sears Tower be the next victim of the NWO black ops chaos crew?

Let's work to stop WWIII before Obama's puppetmasters get it started!

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