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Question/Suggestion regarding Groupon Marketing Idea

Hi. Folks. Has anyone used Groupon for their business and how about directing a marketing campaign directly to these users?

How does Groupon work and would it be possible to do some type of promotion in each state where the primaries will run shortly like Florida, Nevada, Maine, Minnesota & Colorado?

Could we offer something like 1/2 off coupon for joining one of the Liberty Pacs?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts & suggestions and I will approach one of the PACS with this.

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Does anyone ever dealt with Groupon?

I would like to see what it might cost to do a groupon direct market to people in certain States like Minnesota. Maybe we could do a fundraiser for RonPaulproducts.com 1/2 off on a Ron Paul T-Shirt. But maybe we can broadcast somehow the message to show up to the polls on February 7th to Vote for Ron Paul.

I can't seem to find out how much this type of advertising costs on their website. I don't know how many people use Groupon in Minneapolis or Denver. But it has to be way cheaper then .55cents to send out a brochure.

Anyone with experience with Groupon?

Thoughts of sending out broadcast groupon to a certain state?

Bump anyone know anything about Groupon.

I will present it to the MN office, but could the campaign offer something like 1/2 on T-Shirts through a Groupon Coupon?

The whole thing is getting his name out to a lot of people in these early States.

Bump up if you know anything!.