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Russia And China And Nukes And Missiles That Will Knock Out Carriers And Iran

PLEASE BRING THIS INTO THE DEBATE!!!!!! I mean come on man who is the debate coach time to get into the game here and tell them not only will those guys get peed off but all of Europe, and include the DOME OF THE ROCK!!! that means an Islamic state will NOT NUKE JERUSALEM

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the China-Russia-Iran axis

We really, REALLY do NOT need to start up a world war just as our national debt is about to sink us.

When we got into WW2, we had a SMALL national debt (which then got bigger during the war, though nowhere near what it became later on). This is a TOTALLY different ball game. A war now would finish us off quite quickly.

Ron needs to hammer this point home at all upcoming debates.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.