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A message to Mitt Romney

Be an American hero. Drop out of the race. All the candidates know that the American people are being tricked and lied to. The people who are awake want Ron Paul to be their president. There are huge crowds of people cheering for Ron Paul outside the debates and huge crowds of people showing up at his speeches. Mitt Romney has been groomed since childhood to be president and he’s been proud to go along with it. But I don’t think he wants it anymore. He merely recites talking points like a programmed robot. He’s going through the motions but his heart isn’t in it. That’s why I’m calling on Mitt Romney to help us. Drop out of the race. You don’t have to endorse anyone. But we the people, the Ron Paul supporters, will respect you for not going along with the deception of America. It would be a true show of courage and integrity.

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