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Much of the battle for the hearts and minds is a battle of perception.

In the debate I liked the line we are not living in the dark ages about Cuba. Because it labeled there ideas as tired and failed policies of the past we should see much more of that.

Because Ron Paul has better ideas but the media has worked on labeling him in a very negative way.
To change perception we need feed off the media.
We know 99% of the article's are a backhanded slap at Ron Paul.

We must change perception.
I have some ideas and would love to hear everyone else s.

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You know even 7th graders pick up on the idea that the media

intent is to sway people to think as they do. Some call it propaganda, but we know it is subterfuge, and an example of counterfeit idealism. Since we have entered into a new era, that is entering into the 2000's, the children have had access to Internet and places like the Ron Paul Forums. So it readily doesn't matter what the likes of mentally disturbed people like, e.g., most of the people at the Cable Network News as well as the Broadcast Networks, and how they actually plan on harming people like Ron Paul and of course all those who support the US Constitution and Liberty lovers. The Ron Paul campaign managers are doing what you are suggesting already, that is to take another angle and so far it is working good.

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