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THE WAR: I think I am going to be sick


All I can say is I thank you people here on the Daily Paul. When I came here over 4 years ago, it was because of the Income Tax issue. I found it hard to swallow all this talk about liberty and decriminalization of drugs at the federal level and opposition to the war.

Being a Neocon Evangelical Pastor, I questioned if I even belonged here at all. I stuck around because I thought I was going to be able to educate some of you to reality like a good Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin disciple.

What happened I did not expect ... you guys opened my eyes. I won't drone on all that long about these issues but the war ... THE WAR. How could I have been so blind? I did not and could not understand your hatred for THIS WAR. But now I understand.

This WAR is pure EVIL !!! Even until recently I used to think if Dr. Paul could just not speak so loudly about this war maybe he could win. I COULD NOT BE ANY MORE WRONG.

I as a Pastor need to speak against this evil ... it is my duty ... and I am calling out the clergy in this nation to speak up and out against this wickedness. I just watched this video which would explain why so many of our kids are choosing to end their lives then live with what they have witnessed. This is such a national tragedy ... a grievous sin


"On the Dark Side in Al Doura - A Soldier in the Shadows"

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exactly which

... of the eight or nine ongoing secret drone wars do you refer to? But seriously it's really good to have you here and ... "thanks for noticing" as 'ol Eyore used to say...

see also:






Most often overlooked is the morale of the troops

We want to train and fight to protect our country, but unjust wars drain morale. Reduced morale = reduced readiness.

"Insert wise comment here."


Seriously. As the story continues, it just gets worse and worse. It illustrates how evil the military itself can be, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS. But it also illustrates the evil that is war and why it should always be a last resort. I'm also given pause to this notion that soldiers should be treated like mindless drones with no rights. The killing machine as it currently is, destroys those with a conscience and those who're good. Meanwhile those without conscience probably thrive in such a situation. I have some family members who's kids recently got into the service - at first I thought I should send this too them, but it's too late and I don't want to terrify them. SEND THIS TO ANYONE THINKING OF JOINING!

After watching this video you grasp the truly hopeless nature of our situation as a nation. Things are so backwards, where liberty is a danger and murder is almost always a viable solution. Wanton murder of people who "MIGHT" be a terrorist is now becoming justified on a daily basis by Americans. Sexual assault by the government at the Airport is not only accepted - BUT A LOT OF AMERICANS ENCOURAGE MORE OF IT.

Maybe it'd be best if it just all came down so we can start over? I don't see a way out of this mess.


War is like firefighters trying to put out a fire with flamethrowers.



Wouldn't care if you pulled everything off this site

...and just left that video.

How much would it cost for us to get that on National television in a decent time slot?

I want everybody to see this.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain


we have been on the "dark side" since 911..thanks to Chaney and Co...aka.....PNAC

All of this.... FOR WHAT???

Is this how we "spread freedom and democracy" around the world? This is just one soldier's story. Imagine what the rest of them are seeing (and taking part in)...

My brother is overseas with the Air Force right now and I just pray he doesn't have it anywhere near as bad as this.

This gave me chills

"I as a Pastor need to speak against this evil ... it is my duty ... and I am calling out the clergy in this nation to speak up and out against this wickedness."

I am a devout Christian and lover of God who does not have a church to go to because I have not yet found one whose message consistently and sincerely aligns with the teachings of Jesus.

You give me hope that there could be a mass return to the heart of faith: Love and Peace.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing the Light (which we both know is God's grace revealing to you the Truth) and to committing to preaching a message of Peace. I sincerely send you my wishes that God bless you in your ministry. You will change hearts and lives!

Thank you for joining the movement

The US in many ways has lost its way. Our empire building and silkroad mentality needs to be changed. Dr. Paul is leading the way. Just to see how messed up the war is and how far astray from our values we've gone...here is an article where our dead military are buried in a landfill, yes a commercial landfill. We and they should have never been there.


"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"


Thanks for being open to the leading of GOD Spirit.
Remember, Forgiveness is the KEY, and is first an ACTION then a request. " do you not know you shall be judged in the same way you judge others?"
People have the GOD given right to be as messed up as they choose to be, it's GODs place to change a parson, not ours. Be it legalizing marijuana, or any other issue Ron rightfully places in the States Purview doesn't necessitate they will become "law", rather Ron puts the Federal Government in it's proper place, out of the picture. Which is what our Founders wanted, BTW.
If you've time, "Bing" Samuel Ward and Constitutional Convention, it's a little known bit of Pastoral history you might like,
GOD speed pastor.

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington


One of the most difficult things a person can do is to question his own beliefs, and follow the truth wherever it may take him.

It's understanding Jesus

And how He would act, did he come to establish His kingdom as man establish's kingdoms, of course not.
Thank you for slowly seeing that America was founded upon two Christlike characteristics, or the "two lamb like horns" in the book of Revelations Chapter 13, Faith in GOD and individual responsibility in free choice ( freedom of life ).
Research Samual Ward and the Constitutional Convention, Ward was a pastor, in the oldest contineous Christian ( smallest now too ) denomination in ( English ) America, he was also president at the Constitutional Convention, but passed to his rest just prior to the "signing " of the declaration. His church is my church.
And yes, you did read my connection to the book of Revelations correctly, America is in Phrophecy, we are the "beast out of the earth" , or second beast. GOD reveres to people, nations, tribes and tongues as "seas, waters, many waters" but never as "earth". "Earth" therefor signifies a people from/ in an unpopulated/ unknown area. Count backwards 1260 years from when America was first recognized as a "embassy nation", France 1879, and come to the "second" order to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, the order that actually caused the temple to be rebuilt.
War, and how America has "warred" for sixty years is the "spake as a dragon" aspect of Rev 13:11.
Revelations Chapter 13 tells us America ends quite the opposite than what she started, and considering the news of the "police state Et Al of late who can doubt the validity of Americas turning?
That being said, there is NO timeframe prophetically speaking as to when America turns, so Voting for Ron and winning might help forestall, GOD so willing.

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

Thanks for posting this

I didn't think I could be more against these needless "wars" than I already was. I am So sad for the Millions of people around the world, for the death and devastation that we as Americans have brought forth unto them. This story Parallels Pat Tillman's life and murder very closely.

Just Come Home!

war is a horrible endeavor.

The troops are worn-out, and I suspect many are not happy with themselves, for what they have been commanded to do in the line of duty.

Consider this.

For 2 years in a row, the number of troop suicides, has been greater than the number of troops killed in battle.

In 2011 480+ troops committed suicide, while 460+ were killed in action.

And for every troop that succeeded in killing themselves, 5 other troops were hospitalized for trying to kill themselves.

The suicide rate is almost double the national average.

It is somewhere between 2 and 3 percent of the enlisted force.

Billy Jack's picture

I just wish this video were

I just wish this video were short enough for the attention span of our apathetic public. Wow.

Cos Cob, CT

shatteringly powerful

This one is devastating. I strongly encourage everyone to make time to watch it, although you do need to beware of the graphic images at the end. They're pretty horrible. :-/

This video is so strong that even a die-hard pro-war "patriot" should be given pause. The only flaw in it, from my PoV, is the ending bit which talks a lot about ANSWER, the UN, and other collectivist, leftist stuff. If you show this to a "conservative" Republican, be sure to preface it with something like this:

The anti-war sentiment in this country is currently the majority opinion by a landslide. Only the GOP, really, remains pro-war now. This video will show you why. If we want to beat Obama, we had better understand what's fueling the other side.

Then, after viewing this, they should be ready to listen more openly to why Ron Paul is the right choice: Ron Paul is the only candidate who is on the right side of this issue and the only Republican candidate who can attack Obama over it -- and do it from a truly conservative, pro-life perspective. Also, he has the overwhelming support of the troops, even more than Obama does. There's no other Republican candidate who is even in the same league, let alone on the same field.

Show them the military donations graph and they should just about be ready to change their mind -- and their vote.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Most Just Want to Share a Smile

I've had the priviledge of visiting more than 100 countries. I found one thing to be common everywhere. No matter what the religion, the skin color, the language, clothes, food or political environment - most folks are eager to SHARE A SMILE.

It takes BIG Government to generate bloodshed.


Not a Dimes Worth of Difference - Except Ron Paul

I am so glad I didn't join the military

I have no doubt that I would either be in prison or dead for standing up to some immoral US soldier/officer.

I do believe in having the strongest military on the planet...which is precisely why I would fight the immoralily within the military.

Frankly, I fight the immorality within every organization I am in...and am usually ostracized (even here)...only being ostracized in the normal world isn't as devastating as in the military.

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Made myself watch this

And wrote a long reply which I lost somehow... I believe the film footage of our "Humanitarian Mission" in Libya should be required viewing. Our drones sanitized it for us and the drone operators, but not for those on the ground... And tens of thousands were killed. Were they a threat to us? NO The NWO/UN/Nato wanted their independent Natl Bank, gold, other precious metals, oil...and their WATER and the AQUEDUCT. If you could find a Libyan alive, I doubt they hold us in high esteem...in this regard, I don't.

Susie 4 Liberty


Also....received a message from Ron via email...spread the word!!!

What kind of America do I envision?

How about one where our God-given rights are respected?

Where our federal government stays within its constitutional limits, doesn't spend more than it takes in, and has a balanced budget?

Where our defenses are stronger than ever, because we're not stretching our fighting men and women thin all over the globe?

Or where you and I don't have to have our privacy invaded and our dignity stripped away just to get on a plane?

You and I have a chance to rock the status quo and bring real change to America in this election.

But I need your help right away if we are to win this race.

Please, contribute whatever you are able to my End the TSA Money Bomb to help me keep the spotlight on this critical issue and highlight that I am the only presidential candidate who is serious about stopping this out-of-control bureaucracy.

Yesterday, my son, Senator Rand Paul, encountered the TSA's ridiculousness firsthand when he was detained and prevented from making his flight to Washington, D.C. to speak at the March for Life - all because he refused their disgusting full body pat-down after they detected an “anomaly” in his scan.

They even got upset when he made a call to let his Senate office know he wouldn't be able to keep his commitment at the March!

After Rand refused to back down for almost two hours, they finally agreed to his common-sense proposal: let him take a second scan.

Of course, nothing showed up, and Rand caught a later flight.

Americans are subjected to this kind of treatment every day in our nation's airports, and few have the kind of opportunity that Rand and I do to speak out about it.

I've led in Congress by proposing legislation to hold TSA and all other federal agents accountable to the same laws that apply to every other American, and I'll lead in the White House with my Plan to Restore America, which completely abolishes the TSA.

My Plan also places responsibility for security back in the hands of private property owners, who have incentive to keep their customers safe without subjecting them to unnecessary harassment.

Despite the nationwide outrage at the TSA's tactics, President Obama refuses to take action to rein them in, and you can be sure my establishment Republican opponents won't lift a finger to protect the American people's right to travel without being assaulted by the government.

If we're serious about creating change and restoring passengers' liberties, we must take action now.

Please, donate whatever you are able to my End the TSA Money Bomb today so I can have every resource possible to spread my message of freedom and win this race.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

And the folks in South Carolina booed

The Golden Rule. This Country may be too far gone. We've got lawbreakers making the rules. Money doesn't talk, it swears. Sugarcoat it, put some lipstick on the pig, and let "our" media boys sell it to the public. Hell, they'll buy anything we tell them to. Hang your head, Tom Dooley.

alan laney

Glad you came around...

NOW... if you could just open your mind to the reality of evolution... :)

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Good Solid Evidence

BugMan of all posters you should understand why evolution could not have brought forth the smallest microbs. Read TORNADO IN A JUNKYARD as a solid introduction.

Not a Dimes Worth of Difference - Except Ron Paul

ha ha

I am glad we can agree to be wrong

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

I regret...

posting that now... I skimmed through some of the film, and my post was flip and inappropriate considering the subject and content of this post. I haven't watched film completely, but will later when I have some time. What little bit I saw was indeed sickening. My apologies.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


Good man. You like natural rights he likes God given rights. The most important think you both believe they come from something greater than man. Let us never be fooled by the term Human Rights!

No Problem bro

A Russian friend in Russia posted this video as well as some others ... this guys story is tragic. I have been against this war for a couple years now but the blindness of my bro' and sis's in the faith community troubles me.

Here is another one released in russian its only 3 minutes ...

Американцы отстреливают гражданских Ирак
Translation: Americans shoot civilians Iraq


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Russian-American here ...

I thought that your nickname had a Russian part in it (same first name as mine)!

I am not a religious person (out of spite, when asked of religious affiliation on US govt forms, used to write in "Taoist"; guess whose name i will write in on the voter form, given no better option of checking the box! ;) ), trying to be moral, and yes, I do agree with you, Pastor, about wars, and oppression of majority of people by a minority *is* pure evil (oppression going other way is slightly less pure, but evil in my book too!).

Thank you so much for your post, and,


Павел Б.

P. S. have you met our Polish brother LL here yet? ;)

You have a difficult task. Be

You have a difficult task. Be patient with those who don't understand and remember in America we have a lifetime of propaganda about "our noble military bringing freedom and happiness to the oppressed" to overcome.