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Does anyone know if Ron Paul is doing anything in Nevada or is he resting right now?

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doesn't seem to have any recent polls from Nevada.

We need to sticky a Nevada

We need to sticky a Nevada post to the homepage - after all, isn't Nevada do or die time??

Why aren't there massive Nevada threads already?

RP came in 2nd in NV in 2008...to Romney. Lets get out there and WIN this thing because if we're going to get the nomination we need to WIN some states. The campaign believes we have the best chance of winning caucus states so why are we spending so much time talking about South Carolina, Florida, and the TSA???

Listening to his Tampa speech at a Sports Bar with

Ron Paul fans he was heading to Maine next week... Yes we would like to have him back in Minnesota to do some Town Hall meeting and I would think you need the same.. Hey?

How are things going in Nevada right now?