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awesome rap from mortis noctu and tea mage

i haven't see this here yet, but take a listen.


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That was awesome

Is this on his album? I don't usually listen to rap, but I would bump this in my car. Keep up the great work!!!!

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hey!! I rap too whats the

hey!! I rap too whats the beat???

I head Ash Roth spit on this recently..

I want to go in on it


I'm not sure you heard him rip this beat. If so, you should reall let me know, because I made the beat myself lol.

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Mortis Noctu is a DP user..

Mortis Noctu is a DP user.. Puts out some great stuff.. have you seen some of his posts on here containing several of hit songs?



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thank you

i hadn't heard these.


very talented and really powerful message.

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these guys make me feel better

the fed's going down!