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Mass Ron Paul Chain Email Needed

People over 40 love chain emails! They spread these things like wildfire. Can someone put together an email with facts, videos, and quotes convincing enough to change someone's opinion of Dr. Paul? This is just another way to quickly spread the word and get his name in people's minds.

I'm talking the type of emails that say "Pass this on to 10 people if you believe in Freedom, liberty, and the USA Constitution!" or something similar.

Once you create an email such as this post it to the forum so we can all copy it and send out mass emails!

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I like this idea!

I know older folks that will get it this way.

Some ideas:
Make sure to use images of injured (or dead) children from the wars.

It must quote the golden rule, Jesus being spit on, Ron Paul being booed...

It needs to make them feel compelled for them to forward to their lists.

Now, can you create this?

Now, can you create this?

Look at the link below.

It is a good one to use.