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The Honor of Ron Paul

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RIP Joseph Sobran

...wish he hadn't died last year. He would have loved to see this man he had known for years and admired so to finally be heard. Controversial sometimes, maligned sometimes...but courageous and, I think, a brilliant writer. Joseph Sobran would love what is happening.

It is the Age of Ron Paul... which redefines what has for so long been "politics as usual." Values and everything good in human nature is actually being beautifully displayed in the political arena by Dr. Paul.

Never thought I'd see the day. Supposedly, viewership last night was huge. Why would people this early in the game be watching a primary debate (I know, these things aren't debates)? I don't think it was to hear the calico cat and the gingham dog rip each other up...or what they have taught Sanatorium to move his lips and say. I think people all over the world (and maybe celestially as well ) are asking the same question, ie. "Where stands Dr. Ron Paul of Texas?" Is he for real because if so...he is the one we've been waiting for!


I enjoyed the article a lot.

I enjoyed the article a lot. As an individual who never payed attention to Federal Level Politics, I focused on State and Local politics, because I thought all Federal politicians were criminals - it is nice to see something of that sort from 2007.

By-the-way, the large majority of Federal Politicians are criminals with the obvious exception of Dr. Paul and now a few others.