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RT: Ron Paul Starts Campaign to End the TSA

Ron Paul starts campaign to end the TSA
Published: 24 January, 2012, 22:05

Ron Paul has long opposed the TSA and has campaigned for its abolishment for years. Following an episode on Monday that left his son, Sen. Rand Paul, stranded in a Nashville airport, the presidential hopeful is asking for help to finally end the TSA.

In most cases, the TSA has responded apologetically and addressed the issue. For Ron Paul, that’s not enough. While a “sorry” might be soothing for some, it has still victimized many Americans, he says. When the TSA wrote of their track record for 2011 in a blog post published earlier this year, they addressed that, even with an $8 billion budget, their “Top 10 Good Catches” of the year included nothing monumental. Instead, rather, the TSA wrote that their best finds of 2011 included a handful of reptiles and, in one instance, the science project of a college student. By the end of the year, the US Travel Association reported that two-out-of-five travelers during the December holiday season were trying to seek other modes of transportation.

On his own site, Ron Paul quotes Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee and co-creator of the TSA, who himself has grown weary of the government agency.


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A Stroke of Luck

because it puts Ron Paul in the public eye defending our rights as American as the TSA intrusions are stripping point blank our liberties. The TSA has left a mark of utter disgust for many and they, hit the news, with not only utter stupidity but despicable actions. IMO this is great publicity to rally a cause that many support and gives an opportunity for those who may not know Ron Paul, a chance to look into his positions of restoring our liberties. It is bringing his fighting spirit to the forefront with an issue many agree on. - All Good!!


How about we have the TSA in the hangers of the private jet owners. They don't get grouped or the Diplomats. What's good for us is good for them. Maybe the radiation and the grooping of themselves and family members would persuade our politicans to eliminate the TSA.

Message for Alaney.

Just the other day when Rand Paul had his issue with TSA security, that episode was posted as the Main Topic here at the Daily Paul. A forum user named Alaney posted a response, wondering why Daily Paul was wasting time and focus on that story. Her outlook made me fume....at THAT time. I'm over it now. I replied to Alaney by saying that the Rand Paul story IS HUGE!!! (I believe Alaney has since removed her post) This is a man with political power, and to MY knowledge, the first "politician" to experience an open dispute, which of course raised even MORE awareness of the TSA's offensive and immoral security tactics.
Alaney, if you are reading this, my theory came true, as evidenced by the news article, above. This Rand Paul story was WELL-WORTH the time, print and focus because this sitation may institute the beginning of actual changes to the current TSA security approach. Alaney, with all due respect, if YOU have to fly and you were to find yourself in a position where a TSA security person is touching your "private parts" while trying to find a bomb, at that moment you would likely be feeling MUCH MORE supportive of the Rand Paul new article. Just sayin'.

Robby Lane

jeffjeffjeff's picture

Look, I agree with the idea

Look, I agree with the idea of privatizing security at air ports and such but personally I think this type of issue isn't very effective for the campaign. This is just my personal opinion and it's not based on focus groups or any type of actual statistical analysis.

My reasoning is that even though the TSA annoys those who are frequent flyers most people who rarely fly are not annoyed enough to really be concerned about the issue. If a person is only slightly annoyed by the TSA intrusions and inconveniences then they are not likely to look into the issue in any depth thus will probably buy the argument of the MSM and the political group-think which is that the TSA although not perfect is necessary to keep us safe. I think the majority of people will just make a quick value judgement on whether they value their life more than their privacy/dignity and choose to just simply comply with the TSA objecting perhaps only with a quiet grumble that will be quickly forgotten.

The only point at which the people in general will understand the idea of abolishing the TSA is if they are educated about how private security firms could be more effective since it would be operating under free market principles in which airlines with more effective security would incur less breaches and thus be rewarded by their customer's patronage. The argument against this is that the free market will decide a sweet spot for the balance of security vs personal liberty which will maximize their profits and also customer satisfaction but not necessarily maximize safety. Although I understand this argument and even though we should aim at perfect security within reason, there will never be such thing as an impenetrable security and thus I can accept the free market solution airport security. For others who are more sensitive to the fear of being a terrorist victim and overreact by assuming that we need to strive for perfect security, they will never buy the free market argument and worse than that they will see any attempt for those who advocate privatizing the activities of the TSA as a hostile act.

Sorry to run on but I just wanted to put this out there in hopes that somebody might be able to assure me that I'm wrong about this but if that doesn't happen perhaps it could start some discussion on how to best promote the idea of abolishing the TSA without evoking a fear response from those who either are not deeply educated about the issue. So far I think John Stossel has been one of the most effective communicators on issues such as this since he is less confrontational and has a show for which the format allows for him to flexibly explain the issues in depth and draw on experts who are kept on topic.

Personally I think putting the TSA battle off until later when Dr. Paul is president makes more sense.

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RP buttons, RP buttons, get your RP buttons

Hey, Jeffthree,

So you see an article on the Daily Paul titled “Ron Paul starts campaign to end the TSA” and your comment is, “I think this type of issue isn't very effective for the campaign.”

And what exactly is the purpose of a Ron Paul candidacy? The disconnect and juxtaposition is stunning... You have no idea what this website is actually about. You certainly have no concept of why it was founded in the first place.

jeffjeffjeff's picture

Well, I do understand what

Well, I do understand what this website is about. From my understanding it is a website dedicated to promoting all things Ron Paul which is why I visit this site several times every day since his last campaign. My reason for speaking up is that I have a feeling that focusing on the TSA may take out the energy from his campaign. I make a point of saying that this is just my own personal judgement and not based on any hard numbers. Also I'm not saying that Ron Paul or us supporters should back down from the idea of abolishing the TSA, all I'm am saying saying is that now may not be the time to focus on it and I would also like the hear the opinion of others on this matter. My concern is one of strategy and not one of principle and I think as supporters we should collaborate as well to move forward on effective strategies in order to get our guy in the White House. If our goal is ONLY to spread the message and we are not serious about getting Ron Paul elected then I guess in that case I would say lets promote all ideas as much as possible hoping that any of them sway the other GOP candidates or other politicians in office to follow suit. I'm still assuming though that we are in this to win it this time and thus is why I'm voicing my concern about strategy. Ultimately I think somebody should do the numbers to find whether this issue does make sense for the grass roots and also for the official campaign to emphasis and this would be the most effective way to make the decision. I do hope that this is what the official campaign is doing. Hope this all makes my point a bit clearer.

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honest, civil, and sincere


Your reply, the way I read it, seems honest, civil, and sincere. Yet it also it reiterates core misconceptions.

I guess putting strategy before principle seems logical. After all, “you got to get elected to make the changes.” Except that principle is the strategy – there's really nothing else left. And it goes much deeper than a corrupted election process. You're fighting a predator that grows stronger when attacked.

At some point, waking up will have to mean more that voting for a principled candidate. Waking up, if that's even possible, means understanding just how much has already been lost. We have to look at things the way they are, not as we want them to be.

Excerpt: http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/01.12/trends.html
Daily Bell: Are corporations and corporatism to blame for the current system?
Gerald Celente: No, it's everybody – from the top to the bottom - from the corporate rip-off to the welfare cheat. It's the person in the bureaucracy who's not doing their job, or the person in the corporation who's trying to game the system. It's about morality and until morality is restored – and it's not only America; it's worldwide you have people taking pokes at America, you name the country. It's not all of them but a lot of them. So it comes back to morality, and until morality changes, nothing will change.
People ask me how it's going to change and I always go back to that wonderful Hindu saying, "When the student is ready the teacher appears." Anybody who has really practiced anything, and really wanted to be great at it knows you need a great teacher, and you only find those great teachers when you're dedicated. So my belief is that the leadership will appear when the people are ready, and to me the people are not ready. They're not ready emotionally, spiritually or physically. So until the people change and regain that self-respect, dignity and courage, nothing will change. End Excerpt


end that crap now! this is a huge issue for Americans!
NOBODY except about 5 people like the TSA.
HUGE waste of money.

Ron Paul 2012!

Donate NOW to the End the TSA Money Bomb!!!

Already $121,352.24 raised in 21 hours and still rising. Almost 50% of the Campaign's Goal of $250,000.00 has been raised.

Two Official Campaign E-Mails have been sent to Donors today explaining the importance of the End the TSA Money Bomb

Thank you everyone.....Please Donate if you haven't already!!!

I agree with Ron Paul. We

I agree with Ron Paul. We need to abolish the TSA as well as the Department of Homeland Terrorism. We also need to have the Congress repeal the Patriot Act, and every other infringement on our Constitutional Rights.

At the same time, we need to pressure our representative to force a change in our foreign policy which is fueling the terrorist threat.

This is not only good policy...

it is good politics. Right now, what Ron Paul needs is a win.
If his TSA efforts ignite with the same intensity of his "Audit the Fed" legislation, this could sail through Congress, as even the Senate will be outraged at what happened to one of their own. If Boehner and Cantor have the chutzpah to block this, the GOP House majority should not only vote them out, they should chase them down the street with hot tar and feathers.

...The United States 'Groperment"...

The Federal Government sure does seem to like over reaching it's Constitutional limits and reaching into our pockets to take the fruits of our labor and reach down our pants at unconstitutional checkpoints in the name of keeping us safe from the threat of an emotion..."terror".

They grope us for our money, they grope us for our safety.
They even like groping our minds in case we have any thoughts that may question their presumed infallible will and existence.

Some Groperment employees, such as the TSA are known as "gropies". They use a much more hands on approach in their jobs than other Groperment employees. The over reaching is the same, however, it is just manifest differently.

We should all sleep better at night knowing that we are in good hands.

The United States "Groperment", handling you and your freedom so you don't have to.

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

I always feel better when I'm

I always feel better when I'm getting felt up!


I am in the foulest mood for at least 40 minutes after going through these cretins. Anyone traveling with me knows to stay away from me for a while. I can't describe my loathing for these people. I let them know it too.

bump bump

wow did the campaign get this idea from the DP community? this is a great issue for us!

TSA: End it, don't mend it!

Yep, we R3VOLutionaries are "radical abolitionists" when it comes to rights-trampling boondoggles! :-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Excellent article - need to get the word out on the MONEYBOMB

We need to get the word out - and to donate!

I hope we can get Drudge to cover the "END THE TSA NOW" moneybomb by having folks go to Drudge report http://www.drudgereport.com/
and submitting this article as a news tip.

--President Paul or BUST!

Pet peeve: It's abolition,

Pet peeve: It's abolition, not abolishment.

ytc's picture

abolition and abolishment

Meh. Abolitionists or

Meh. Abolitionists or abolishmentarians?

There are other things MW would probably bend to that still bug me.

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Understand. RT may have some English issues, but think big.

RT reporting on this story is such irony to me. Especially since there has been essentially no coverage of this in this country by our MSM. Russia Today is covering a Liberty issue and our MSM is not. What a fxxxxd-up world. Sorry about my poor gutter English, but this hypocrisy sickens me.

The media is generally bad

The media is generally bad about covering Ron Paul, but in this case it's not blacking him out.

I've seen mention of this every time I've turned on the news, and in all the Rand Paul interviews the reporters point out multiple times that his father is running for president and wants to end the TSA.

That's why I said this is just the scandal Ron needs to get free media attention.