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Newts covert stuff is like Jethro on the Beverly HillBillys double NUT NUT 7, it aint so Covert

When you tell the whole FRIGGIN WORLD THAT YOU ARE GOING TO OVERTHROW CUBA!!!!!! idiot

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Also received this e-mail from Ron today. Spread the word........

What kind of America do I envision?

How about one where our God-given rights are respected?

Where our federal government stays within its constitutional limits, doesn't spend more than it takes in, and has a balanced budget?

Where our defenses are stronger than ever, because we're not stretching our fighting men and women thin all over the globe?

Or where you and I don't have to have our privacy invaded and our dignity stripped away just to get on a plane?

You and I have a chance to rock the status quo and bring real change to America in this election.

But I need your help right away if we are to win this race.

Please, contribute whatever you are able to my End the TSA Money Bomb to help me keep the spotlight on this critical issue and highlight that I am the only presidential candidate who is serious about stopping this out-of-control bureaucracy.

Yesterday, my son, Senator Rand Paul, encountered the TSA's ridiculousness firsthand when he was detained and prevented from making his flight to Washington, D.C. to speak at the March for Life - all because he refused their disgusting full body pat-down after they detected an “anomaly” in his scan.

They even got upset when he made a call to let his Senate office know he wouldn't be able to keep his commitment at the March!

After Rand refused to back down for almost two hours, they finally agreed to his common-sense proposal: let him take a second scan.

Of course, nothing showed up, and Rand caught a later flight.

Americans are subjected to this kind of treatment every day in our nation's airports, and few have the kind of opportunity that Rand and I do to speak out about it.

I've led in Congress by proposing legislation to hold TSA and all other federal agents accountable to the same laws that apply to every other American, and I'll lead in the White House with my Plan to Restore America, which completely abolishes the TSA.

My Plan also places responsibility for security back in the hands of private property owners, who have incentive to keep their customers safe without subjecting them to unnecessary harassment.

Despite the nationwide outrage at the TSA's tactics, President Obama refuses to take action to rein them in, and you can be sure my establishment Republican opponents won't lift a finger to protect the American people's right to travel without being assaulted by the government.

If we're serious about creating change and restoring passengers' liberties, we must take action now.

Please, donate whatever you are able to my End the TSA Money Bomb today so I can have every resource possible to spread my message of freedom and win this race.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Have you seen this guy's twitter

The Washington Post has called Newt Gingrich an “ideas factory.” This account links with Newt’s brain, so those ideas can be shared with the public. parody.

"Introduce metric alphabet with only 10 letters."

"Pick up a hooker on the way to Florida, because apparently no one gives a shit."
... >

This would make a hilarious

, and devastating, comedy segment. Someone should make this, and include the part about Newt assasinating Iranian nuclear scientists and then denying it, like he said in the debate.

Newt the Secret Agent

Newt the Secret Agent Man!

What a joke! A pompous ass who dodged the draft, calls himself a historian calling for "covert operations". Maybe Newt should volunteer to lead the operation.

The covert part is where we attack from our base

on Mars.

Reference Please

I remember watching The Beverly Hillbillies, but I have no idea what NUT NUT 7 is. :)

BTW, Good point.

Life, Liberty... and the Pursuit of Happiness.

In some BH episodes

Jethro referred to himself as a "Double-Naught Spy", which referred to the two zeros(double-naught) in the James Bond novels. The "00" spies had "license to kill". James Bond was "007", and sometimes called "Double-O-Seven".