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I sent this letter to all the newspapers in Florida today

There's the link. I do this for every state with a primary or caucus. The only problem is getting all I want to say in the word limit. Fresh ammo today with all the new dirt on Romboid & Gingrinch. Everyone should be writing letters. Why don't some of you help me out with letters to my home state, Nevada?

If you really want to beat Obama, then vote for Ron Paul!

Dear Editor,
It was unbelievable to most of the country when Gingrich did so well in South Carolina, but when you look at the sausage-making of politics, it's easy to see why the rankings of the candidates are exactly what the democratic party wants. If Gingrich, Romney or Santorum are the Republican nominee, Obama never has to think about packing his bags. Remember, there are more registered democrats than republicans, and for a GOP candidate to win, he must draw disgruntled democrats, independents, libertarians, conservatives, OWS types, etc. The ONLY candidate who wins with this wide demographic is Ron Paul. That's why Dr. Paul has been ignored in the media, as reported by Michael D. Shear in the "New York Times." In spite of all this, a recent CNN poll shows Ron Paul in a statistical tie with Obama, so why are a trio of other candidates who are pro-war, homophobic, and in bed with the Federal Reserve, corporate interests and the military industrial complex, being touted on television, in newspapers, and on the internet to a near exclusion of Ron Paul? Because the corporately controlled media wants the weakest candidate to face Obama. They are doing everything they can to debase, ignore and distort Paul's message of peace, liberty and sound money. They want another unelectable candidate like McCain, to face Obama. Ron Paul is also a HUGE threat to DC business as usual with his budget, which will cut 1 trillion dollars in the first year. Our 15 TRILLION dollar national debt is our biggest security threat, and only Paul has given it top priority. The Federal Reserve has a death grip on our economy, and only Dr. Paul will take on the Fed and restore our economy. Are you getting the picture? ONLY Ron Paul can beat Obama and Restore America Now! Please give your vote to Ron Paul. ronpaul2012.com whyronpaul.com

Cynthia S. Kennedy

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I have no idea

how many get published. I don't have time to link up to every paper & look for my letter. All it know, is if the letter gets published, perhaps I'll get one more voter, maybe even more.

I'm 58 years old & I remember the days when these kinds of letters had to be printed & mailed. What a chore! In this electronic age, there's no excuse to not be deluging the papers nationally with letters.

As always, if anyone wants to borrow from my letters, be my guest.

Cynthia, your letter

is absolutely sensational. Thanks for your efforts. Do any of them ever make the paper? I ask because in the local paper here in San Diego I have NEVER seen a letter to the editor or an editorial that was in the tiniest bit fair to Ron Paul, assuming they even mention his name. Thank you for your efforts; keep up the good work.

Superb letter Cynthia...

Thanks for writing this letter and sending it to the newspapers. Please report back on how many published it.

Minnesota Mary