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Japanese Want U.S. Bases Out of Okinawa!

This is really outrageous. People ridicule Dr. Paul but these people want us out of their country!

"A 24-member delegation from Japan is in Washington, D.C., this week opposing the presence and new construction of U.S. military bases in Okinawa. Participating are members of the Japanese House of Councilors, of the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly, and of city governments in Okinawa, as well as leading protest organizers and the heads of several important organizations opposed to the ongoing U.S. military occupation of Okinawa.

The famously stingy U.S. tax payer, frequently seen bitterly protesting outrageously wasteful spending of a few million dollars, is paying billions of dollars to maintain and expand some 90 military bases in Japan (and to make those who profit from such business filthy rich). Thirty-four of those bases, containing 74% of their total land area, are in Okinawa, which itself contains only 0.6% of Japanese land. Okinawa is dominated by U.S. military bases and has been for 67 years since the U.S. forcibly appropriated much of the best land.

The people of Okinawa tell pollsters year after year that they oppose the bases. Year after year they elect government officials who oppose the bases. Year after year they march, sit-in, protest, and demand to be heard. Year after year, the national Japanese government confronts the issue and fails to take any decisive steps to resolve it. Year after year, the people of the United States remain blissfully unaware that, as in so many other places around the world, our military occupation of Okinawa is ruining people's lives."

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One of the quotes from the article is about Ecuador's president and how he solved the problem "the President of Ecuador seems to have found the magic formula in his proposal that any U.S. base in Ecuador be matched by an Ecuadorean base in Florida."

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Good find

going to be an interesting year, time to come home.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

This is news?

The Japanese wanted the US out of Okinawa when I was in kindergarten and I'm 62 years old.

You knew it, so the 20 year olds do?

I'm 50, and I didn't either. And I pay attention.

"The more laws we make, the more snares we lay to entrap ourselves."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Nov. 1, 1601

True but most Americans seem

True but most Americans seem to think other countries want us to have military bases in their nations. I've gotten into it a few times with neocon republicans and they alwasy insist "Those people WANT us there!"

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they have said this a few years ago

we run japan and have done so since we ended world war2 with them
this is the reason why we do not listen to them
telling us to leave

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

heard this from "someone" before

having deju vu.

the lesser of two evils is still evil

For the first time since the

For the first time since the end of world war 2 the Japanese elected a different political party to head their government on the promise that they would get the American military bases out of their country. The prime minister demanded that America leave and President Obama simply told him "No." Forcing the Japanese PM to resign in disgrace:



If we aren't occupiers, I don't know what we are. We aren't doing these people any favors. Why can't Americans get that????


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

A whole lifetime of grade

A whole lifetime of grade school propaganda that we are the good guys, bringing freedom and happiness to the oppressed peoples of the world. It's the Rick Santorum view, the foxnews view and apparently still the view of the majority of the republican and democrat parties.

In fact this is why Santorum hates Ron Paul so much, Dr. Paul threatens this idol that he worships-America the pure, America the beacon of light to the heathen. No matter what reality reveals, guys like Santorum and Huckabee and millions more have too much invested in this idyllic and totally at odds with reality view of America.

WoW. Very well put.

You explain it all. We Americans are in a bubble we can't see out of. We're great and everyone else needs us. I would agree, we *were* great before we started building an empire.

"The more laws we make, the more snares we lay to entrap ourselves."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Nov. 1, 1601

Thanks. You may be interested