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Gingrich is lying about his balanced budgets

Dr. Paul needs to challenge gingrich on his phony claims to have balanced the budget. Dr. Paul knows that is a lie but most Americans don't. Congress raided the so-called social security "trust fund" and broke into that so-called lockbox.
Without the theft of social security money there would have been no "balanced" budget. That should be made known in a debate next time newt spouts that lie.

The Facts- First of all go here:
Then go here to read how all social security trust funds were spent by the government AS they were received, creating the phony surplus:

There is no "lockbox".

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Gingrich called on lies

Watched the debate last night and Dr. Paul finally called gingrich on this lie. Good job Dr. Paul!! Wonder if somebody in his campaign read the post here?

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Gingrich caught lying?

So, the man was caught lying quite unsurprisingly, I suppose.

The actual, breaking news surprise would have been if he DIDN'T.


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Dr. Paul has to know all this

I think he is keeping these things to himself for now. Newt wont get enough delegates according to what I have read because he is not on the ballot in several states. So all Newt and Santorum are doing is stealing away votes from Romney

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Gingrich and Santorum are keeping Romney from consolidating support. Considering neither Gingrich / Santorum can get enough delegates to take the first round of the national convention (due to not being on ballot everywhere), let's keep them in the debates.

Nice Video showing it

I've been saying this since the last Newt bubble, but these are good links:

He always claims four years, but he was only in the House of two of them: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2011/dec/...

And three of the four years weren't at all "balanced" unless you loot Social Security:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGgjU-h_xQw (30 seconds shows what I mean with a great graphic)

You could have left the title

You could have left the title at "Gingrich is lying" and we would have covered ALL the bases at once.

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Just about to post the

Just about to post the equivalent...

so when isn't

the neutster not lying
the fat boy is eat up with it

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Exactly. Thank him for NAFTA. Bye bye jobs for good.

Clinton & the Republicans robbed social security, brought in the repeal of Glass Stegall act, unleasing derivitives, holy hell and world collapse. This comment was on one of DP's posts. The title was "What Were the Ethics Charges" or something like that. Wow, no wonder he got kicked out by both R's and D's. "Newt's Ethis charges were just the tip of Gingrich's criminal iceberg. Getting into some of the real meat of it involves his ten million dollar bribe for his influence to alter US foreign policy involving Saddam Hussein and the world's biggest arms dealer making their $54 million deal, and then Gingrich laundering the bribe thru Israel where his wife had top level connections with the Likkud. Then, Louis Freeh decided to silence the investigation, mysteriously, and Gingrich as been in the pocket of Israel ever since. Now he's being funded by Adelson, who is the right hand pocket man for Netanhayu, and he owns a major newspaper in Israel. So, basically you could extrapolate easily that Gingrich is being funded by Israel, and is their puppet.

Gingrich is so crooked, that they'll have to screw him into the ground when he dies."

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And with NAFTA...our open Texas Border

People seem to want to ignore it, but it's true; Mexican truckers STREAMING into Texas to use the MEGA Super Hwys we Texans have built for them!

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My Dream Debate

Asking the questions should be:Judge Andrew Napolitano
Jesse Ventura Adam Kokesh and maybe Rush Limbarf...only because I want to watch his head explode..and he'd only be allowed to ask Dr.Paul one question..snickers

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
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Not Paul's job to do right now

Let the Grinch clown steal som stupid votes from Romney. It's not to the disadvantage of Ron Paul at this stage, I think.

I think someone said that Newt Ginrich is "a life support system for lies!" When the time comes, he'll be sooo humiliated in TV ads. And debates, his imagined strong point, will make him cry on stage...

If what your are claiming is

If what your are claiming is correct (that Newt did not balance the budget) then yes, it needs to be exposed. I know a lot of people whom are voting for Newt strictly because they feel since he has previously balanced the budget, that he is the most capable of doing so again. Even some who do not like him are voting for him only because of this. He needs to be exposed!

gingrich lies

It is absolutely correct! First of all go here:
Then go here to read how all social security trust funds were spent by the government AS they were received, creating the phony surplus:

There is no "lockbox".

I hope I didn't insinuate

I hope I didn't insinuate that I didn't believe you, I just like to verify info before jumping all over it. I appreciate you providing the links for me. I do feel that this is something that the campaign should address. This is a great find! Way to go!

The debt was paid down using Social Security Funds

This is a very important matter! Note that one of the issues they try to get Ron Paul on is his lack of passing bills. What if he were to mention his bill to keep Social Security from being borrowed from for general revenues, and then ask Newt why he didn't lead the Republicans to pass it... Then, reveal that Newt's budget balances (actually only 2 of 4 according to the Politifact source above) were actually accomplished by "borrowing" from Social Security. Ron Paul should own the senior vote! He has continually introduced bills to keep Social Secutity off limits, but they were not heeded. Those who claim to want to save it were those who allowed it to be decimated. They brought on our current crisis. And now, Ron Paul has the only economically feasible way to maintain these programs for those we have "borrowed" from. But the only possible way to keep them solvent is to follow Ron Paul's "crazy" foreign policy.

Here's a quote from the craigsteiner link above:

"When it is claimed that Clinton paid down the national debt, that is patently false--as can be seen, the national debt went up every single year. What Clinton did do was pay down the public debt--notice that the claimed surplus is relatively close to the decrease in the public debt for those years. But he paid down the public debt by borrowing far more money in the form of intragovernmental holdings (mostly Social Security)."

Let's add to the fact that Gingrich's creative thinking did not allow him to get on the Virginia ballot, and Ron Paul should be able to put a big dent in the hull, if not sink, ship Gingrich.

The article mentions Clinton, but as I understand it, these are the "balanced budgets" Gingrich wants credit for/

Exactly. I have heard the

Exactly. I have heard the newt make this claim twice now during the debates and both times Dr. Paul gave him a pass on this. I think this is a big issue which Dr. Paul could do some serious damage to newt with and rightly so. His people need to make sure this isn't something they let slide. Maybe a t.v. ad could address this also.
Dr. Paul is the only candidate running who has the moral high ground on this issue.

Excellent links. Well done.

Excellent links. Well done.

Not to mention, the budget

Not to mention, the budget situation was totally different back then, as we were at the peak of a major boom that produced tax revenues that were very unusually high by historical standards, the entitlement crisis was not as bad (baby boomers were not at retirement age like they are now), and military spending was much lower pre-9/11 (and we all know Gingrich is not interested in cutting or even freezing military spending)

Absolutely. Revenues

Absolutely. Revenues increased dramatically in those years due to the dot-com boom. I am a stock trader and paid a small fortune in taxes during those years. I pay very little now as
I don't make near the money I made then. gingrich had nothing to do with those increased revenues during that period. Of course lying and taking credit for stuff you had nothing to do with is typical behavior for a scum-bag politician like newt.