Not only Change Parties, Many People Just Need to Get Registered Period!

I am from Texas so I can only speak concerning rules in this state.
In Texas you do not have to register any party affiliation. On primary day, if you are a registered voter you can go to your polling precinct for either the Republican or Democratic Party. However, you do have to be a registered voter!
Ron Paul's campaign has excited many young people who have never voted or even registered to vote before. Also, many people who are disgusted with politics and have moved to Texas have never bothered to register here. So we need to convince these people that Ron Paul is not just another politician, he is a leader and a statesman. He is worthy of their vote. Then we need to get them registered.
They can do this by going to their local courthouse, but there is a better way. We all know about good intentions. People may sincerely mean to get registered, but it just slips up on them.
What you can do is go to the courthouse yourself, and become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar. Then you can register people on the spot. If they are willing, keep their name and phone number and then call and remind them to go vote on election day.
My husband and I became Volunteer Deputy Registrars this morning.It is important to make sure these new voters know what precinct they live in and where their polling place is. If we are active to get new voters registered, this can be a big help. Many Republican Party faithfuls will find it hard to vote for someone the Party opposes, but new voters who are attracted to Congressman Paul's campaign can make a big difference.
Also we encourage people to vote early. That way if something comes up on election day, like sickness or a death in the family or they just forget, they will have already voted. We need to use every tool possible to make sure Congressman Paul is the next President of the United States.

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Register to vote

Right. Good point!

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