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A suggestion on what Ron can say concerning Iran and war

With time on my hands, I typed up a reply to the question of Iran, or war in general. I did this before regarding federal dominance in our lives, so I thought I'd give it a try regarding war. What are your thoughts?

On war with Iran or war in general, he could frame it thusly,

It has been aggressively argued—and urged!—by friends of the war party that Iran poses a threat to us; that she is in a position to threaten us with her combative and daring tactics which, it is asserted, consist in the form of nukes. But before we embark into the dark into Persia, I clamor for deliberation, for a time to analyze the assertion, less we deluge ourselves into a Maelstrom of utter destruction and ruin.

When the assertion is met, we find that the answers are unsatisfactory to the friends who urge Americans to surrender their lives in search of phantoms and hobgoblins, which, I must say, is why it is silenced and suppressed, with the aid and nurturing by the media, to deceive the public in supporting a scheme of childish aggression. Iran has no nukes, any more than you would find on Mars! The IAEA’s recent report indicated no such threat, less you think unknowable future actions that have yet to occur justify immediate actions. Such is the Bush-Obama Doctrine—a doctrine penned in blood, culminating in perpetual war—oh the fungus of war!—which rages on today.

I’m not finished, though. If we can imagine the war party’s fears—a nuclear Iran—we still wouldn’t be justified in ravaging her. A nuclear Iran does not, ipso facto, pose a danger, less you think the tiger need fear the hound. America is fully equipped—equipped to the bone!—to defend herself that it is mere folly to speak of danger.

Furthermore, and more germane, who pays for this? We are in debt; we have vital concerns on the domestic front, to wit: the never-ending stream of spending, the annihilating taxes, the suffocating regulations, and the feeble and sickly economy. This demands a course in search of peace first. Are my opponents—supposed caretakers of the people’s purse—going to go door to door and filch the last dollar out of their pockets? Whether the filching is done openly, through direct taxation, or surreptitiously, through inflation, doesn’t change the nature, only the avenue. Let not our people be burdened to defeat a foe that is as real as Loch Ness. Let not our people carry the weight in defense of the liberties of other’s, while theirs vanish. And quit the pretense of humanitarianism by deluging the world with cheap talk about liberty and humanity which we, at home, lack reverence and respect for. No; until the last blood is dripped out of my veins, I will protest this clarion call for war—which will utterly destroy our economy and country, and plunge us into the annals of fallen Republics.

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