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Gingrich winning over the angry mob

I think it's telling that Gingrich is demanding the audiences at future debates be permitted to cheer and applaud at will. He knows the success of his candidacy depends upon his manipulation of the angry mob -- his giving expression to their hatred of the media, of Obama, of the Democrats and of Muslims. Gingrich is a true demagogue. He appeals to the basest instincts of the Republican electorate.

Gingrich knows he can manipulate this angry, stupid mob into cheering for him. More than any other candidate, he is willing to pander, to flatter, to throw them all the red meat they can stomach. You can see his eyes surveying the reaction of the crowd as he speaks. Among the weak-minded, the applause is seen as validation of Gingrich's ideas, and of Gingrich himself. He looks like a winner. They want to be on the winning team. The applause is catching.

When applause is prohibited or restricted, the focus is more on substance. Dead silence follows every answer. This hurts Gingrich. It hurts his ego, and his electability.

Here's an interesting thought experiment. Imagine if there were no debates and no campaign ads, and the candidates themselves were invisible and anonymous to the public at large. Imagine if the voters were given the governing/voting records of these four anonymous candidates, along with their currently stated platforms. Perhaps the personal biographies of the candidates would also be included, to emphasize their experiences (if any) outside of government.

Who would win such an election? Well, duh.

Just goes to show the power of emotion, and the propaganda that plays upon the emotions of the electorate, but never engages them intellectually.

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He knows he tapped into

He knows he tapped into conservative resentment against what they percieve as a liberal bias but you can only play that card so far before it gets old and he should know that the media hold grudges. He's shot himself in the foot and just doesn't realize it yet.

Newt's natural constituency is the dumb masses

We must educate them about freedom and how to achieve it.

I SC he totally manipulated the inbecellics

But they also demanded to hear from Ron Paul. I also think they don't like CNN because they're liberal and Obama lovers. I don't see how we can win! We've got to figure it out! Ron Paul supporters are everywhere but nowhere. RON GET MAD! Go on Leno again!

I agree he needs to be more assertive

but I don't think saying "I don't see how we can win" is very positive and I think it's shortsighted at this point in the race.

He's going for delegates and he's been working a plan for that since 2008 so from what I understand, he's right about where he wants to be.

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If we can have an equal number of supporters, I'd agree

but NOT if we don't. Fair is fair. And, we get a chance to boo, then.