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The Liberty Movement is EXPLODING!

Hey guys, this is a great time to be living if you're concerned about freedom.
Over the past year or so I've been the only person in my Facebook "bubble" who's 'liked' Ron Paul's facebook page.
Since 2011, 5 of my Facebook friend's have 'liked' him!
These include:
2 college students
2 High school students, and
1 adult

In addition, at the place I work, libertarianism is very popular. I can think of at least 8 people who've hinted that they are libertarian or flat out said they are. A few more are curious and interested in it. About 100 people work there in total, but over half I very rarely talk to, so there's probably way more.
The momentum is on our side and the statist quo is losing ground.
Keep up the good work fellow patriots!

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