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Yahoo: Despite Incredulous Paul - The Fed Does Not Print Money


A great post on the article, well not literally on the article...

NEWS FLASH; When people say that inflation "eats" up your money, it doesn't mean that people physically eat their money. Just wanted to be clear about that.

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Technically they just add

Technically they just add more zeros on a ledger but the term "printing money" is just another way of saying it. And yea, the fed has tripled the number of US dollars since the QE programs started and they're planning on doing another one:


very stupid piece of fictional journalism

While technically correct that the fed does not print the rest of the piece is really just the same as your visiting relatives or 3 day old fish.
The author got 1 thing right Ben Bernake is the GODFATHER of the biggest crimnal element mankind has ever known.
End The Fed!!!
for liberty eric grote capt usaf ret

eric grote capt usaf ret

How dumb...

...can an article be?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

From my understanding the fed

From my understanding the fed doesn't print the money but they do order the treasury to do it. The fed also buys bank bonds and the banks can multiply the amount of the bond by 6 or 9 percent.

I hate when people split hairs on 'non-points' when Paul says "the fed prints money" its short for "the fed orders the treasury to print the money"

so what was Greenspan

Saying we could magically print more of?


very creative hit piece!

what will they think of next?
for those who would like the rest of the story, this is a good one.


How Ignorant and Revolting...

When Ron Paul talks about the Fed "printing money", we all know that it is the electronic authorization and creation of funds delivered to member banks (or other bailout recipients). The fact is that less tan 1% of the money supply is in the form of paper and coinage. So technically Mr. Bonehead is correct because the US Treasury isn't using its printing presses.

The Fed does PRINT money based on the definition above and whoever the knucklehead is that's trying to say differently should sit in the back, in the corner of the class facing the wall with a tall conical hat on. He's a dunce!