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Should RP push "The Constitutionalist" Harder?

It's an impenetrable position. Critics may take aim at the implications of some of his policies, but they cannot dispute that his positions are fully informed by the Constitution.

His strategy could be this simple: if you uphold the Constitution, you must side with me. Suddenly, the other candidates will have to either 1) engage Ron Paul on issues of Constitutional interpretation, arguing their views are correct (when they clearly aren't) or 2) argue that the Constitution is an inadequate framework for government. If Ron Paul can fully embody the Constitution, candidates opposing him will have to attack the most venerated document in the American tradition.

I'd like to see Ron Paul forcefully turning the conversation in this direction. If he can argue on these grounds, I don't think he can lose.

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You are right. He should

You are right. He should challenge them all.

"Here we are having this

"Here we are having this debate about how government should be run, but the debate is over. It ended in 1787 when we adopted the Constitution. All we have to do is follow the Constitution, and I am the only candidate up here who can claim to be a Constitutionalist."

You know, something like that.