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12,000 US Troops Deployed to Secure Oil Fields In Brega Libya

RT- Boots On The Ground Libya - 12,000 Troops Secure Oil Fields In Brega - Obama Lies Again


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Unconfirmed and suspect.

The guy in the video quotes the info came from Cynthia McKinney. McKinney got the info from this Press.tv report a couple days ago.


This report quotes Asharq Alawsat, but when you go to their english language site, there is nothing on this.

As far as I am concerned this story is unconfirmed and suspect. McKinney has been good on some things in the past, but she has also made outlandish alegations with no corroberating evidence to support her claims, such as, Blackwater murdering 5,000 outside New Orleans during Katrina, dumping the bodies in a mass grave. It would not surprise me if it were true, but I'm wanting to see more concrete evidence before I go buying into it.

Anyone surprised?

Anyone surprised?

Well this could monkey with their time table...

It sure seems like Obama has a tiger by the tale. It will be sad to watch more death and destruction to this once thriving Country.