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I find it interesting I have not heard anything in the media about Cuba. Ron Paul has said, why not normalize relations? Yet no stories about how that has played in Florida. Nothing on how Cubans feel about how things are going in this country and what they saw in Cuba years ago.

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Having been to Cuba twice,

Having been to Cuba twice, and seen the effect of the sanctions first hand - people desperate for soap, toothpaste, even pencils so their children can go to school - I can personally agree with Dr. Paul on this issue. We need to trade with Cuba and stop being so paranoid about open and peaceful relations.

You are correct

A mentor where I work has been to Cuba for missions trips.
They load up on Soap, Toothpaste & TP - as much as their bags allow - to give away.


This is a personal issue to me as I've had experience with Cubans first hand and I know they loathe their own government more than ours, but all of them also know the sancions only hurt them and serve no other purpose but to help the Castro regime attack the US. Cubans are the kindest, most intelligent people I've ever encountered in my travels abroad. To hear peopel like Newt up there calling for all out war against Cuba is absolutely disgusting to me. These people are ready to be free and reform is happening on it's own but if the US changed it's hostile stance it would happen even faster.

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