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Did the prez just say kids will no longer be able to drop out

he is going to sign a bill to keep kids in school?
did I hear that correct -

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Obama's youth brigade takes another (goose) step forward

Ron Paul talks about Americacorps from a 2009 Wake Forest speech at about 3:35 of the following video:


"make a mandatory national youth service"

Kids with college plans

Kids with college plans should drop out at 16 by taking the GED or other state test and then go to the junior college for 2 years and take all their prereqs. Then they can transfer to the university at 18 and get their degree at 20. It saves a lot of money and time.

the pharoah has spoken

so let it be written , so let it be done

anything other than a croc a shit fall outta that face
I didn't think so

You can't drop out until

You can't drop out until you're 18.What happens if you do?
Let me guess more innocents sent to jail.
And they say public schools are not prisons.

has anyone noticed that the speakers face is chopped of on cbs,

Nbc, and ABC? What a sneaky trick by the Obama lovers..!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

So how's that gonna work??

I know----the schools inside the FEMA compounds!

I heard that too

Who the Hell knows.

i went back to text

he said he is going to urge states to put this in action - so he is off the hook here from dictating this directly i guess - but how odd .... force

School districts already have

School districts already have an incentive to keep kids in school. They get federal money for each child enrolled. And on top of that, at least in Texas, the districts will be penalized for high drop out rates under the No Child Left Behind act/law. If the local districts can't keep a kid in school, I don't know how the president thinks he's going to do it...

Federal Hookie Bureau perhaps

Another department, another czar, another day